Example Of Upgrade Existing Land Rigs to Cluster Walking Rigs

Existing Rig Feature Rig Move Capability: Fast Moving Rig on Rig move dollies Cluster Well Capability: Total 24 wells, Eight (8) wells on a row, total three (3) rows, 45 feet distance between the adjacent rows, 20 feet distance in between wells on the row. Drilling Envelope: Total 140 feet longitudinal and 90 feet transversal. […]

mud mixing tank

How To Calculate Capacities Of Mud Tanks (Pits)

A mud tank is an open-top container, typically made of square steel tube and steel plate, to store drilling fluid on a drilling rig. They are also called mud pits. –wikipedia Mud tanks have different types of shapes depend on clients demands, such as: rectangular, sloping ends… There are some formulas for calculate capacities of different types of mud tanks […]

12 desander polyurethane cone

Hydrocyclone (Mud Cleaner, desander, desilter)Troubleshooting

Hydrocyclone is core part of mud cleaner (desilter, desander). Hydrocyclones are a cost-effective method of removing many of the fine solids missed by the shaker in unweighted muds. Hydrocyclones separate solids from fluid by using centrifugal force to cause solids to be settled from the fluid. There are no moving parts. Centrifugal force is created […]

mud cleaning system

Mud Cleaning Units

Mud cleaning unit also called mud cleaner,  which to control solids in drilling process. Mud cleaning is well-suited to types of mud as follows. Water/Light Treated Clay mud. Dispersed weighted mud. Un-weighted drilling mud of non-dispersed .  Weighted drilling mud of non-dispersed In control water/light treated clay mud process: Mud cleaning units are important solids control […]

drilling mud treatment

Solids control with oil mud

The removal of solids in oil muds is different than in a water based mud. Cuttings generated by the bit tend to remain more competent, making the shale shaker a much more efficient solids removal device. At the same time, due to the viscosity of the oil phase, hydrocyclones and centrifuges become less efficient. The […]

Hooked shale shaker

How Install Shale Shaker Screens Quick And Proper

Shale shaker screens installation requires minimal time or effort. Prior to shipment, some shale shaker manufacturers won’t install shaker screens to protect screen panel. Then shaker screen installation will be effected by users. And, if the original shaker screens are broken we have to replace them also request us to install new screens. If you do not follow these […]

derrick shale shaker

Derrick Shaker‘s Motor Troubleshooting

Derrick’s shale shakers are designed expressly for removal of drilling solids from drilling fluid. Derrick shaker vibrator motors run with higher surface temperatures than standard industrial motors. But there are still have downtime on tough conditions or improper operation.   The troubleshooting procedures presented in the following chart are designed to assist in fault isolation […]

shale shaker cobra

King Cobra Shale Shaker Troubleshooting

The king cobra shale shaker has 3 panel pretension screens and use linear motion to remove solids from the drilling mud. So it’s permit the king cobra shale shaker to minimize mud losses while enhancing cuttings dryness. Maintenance on the king cobra shale shaker is minimal and only a small inventory of replacement parts is […]

Tri-flo shale shaker


The TRI-FLO series shale shaker is a compact and reliable solids removal method. Most TRI-FLO shakers are similar in design and application. Replacement TRI-FLO screens are available from coarse 10-mesh variety to a 400 mesh fine screen and they are easily changed in the field. Reasons Of Short TRI-FLO Replacement Shaker Screen Careless handling and […]

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