2017 well to watch

2017 well to watch from dillinginfo

53 top wells & drilling programmes in 36 countries are covered in the 2017 Wells to Watch Report. Wells to watch 2017 from 则印 徐

vibrating shaker's motor

Vibrating Mechanisms

Vibrating mechanisms may be mechanical, pneumatic, or electromagnetic. The latter two are always packaged modular units, which can be quickly replaced when they malfunction. Mechanical vibrators, whether integral with the structure or externally mounted modules, comprise one or more rotating shafts mounted in anti-friction bearings. Impending failures almost always are signaled by the gradual development […]

Aipu Solids Control – International Trenchless Technology Conference 2017

Aipu Solids Control – International Trenchless Technology Conference 2017

  Aipu solids control focusses on design & manufacture drilling mud solids control management equipment and system. More Piling Mud Recycling System info

drilling mud

Recommended Drilling Fluid Parameters

Velocity – One of the major obstacles to overcome in horizontal and ERD drilling is hole cleaning. In vertical holes, cuttings have room to settle without causing problems. In horizontal wells, cuttings only have to settle 4+ inches to form a cuttings bed. Research and practical experience has shown that cuttings bed formation is analogous […]

solids control system delivery

Mini Solids Control System

2000 Solids control system is set for 2000~3000 meters drilling rig. It’s the fifth solids control system we manufactured for Shann-Bei drilling rig company in 2017. This solids control management system contains: Hunter-MG4 shale shaker, Hunter 90 mud cleaner, 4 sets 7.5Kw mud cleaner and two mud tanks. Hunter MG&D series linear motion shale shaker is the most […]


Mini Drilling Mud Recycling System

1 2 3 4 Description of Mini Mud Recycling SystemMini mud recycling system contain: Mini shale shaker, mud agitator, slurry pump and a mud tank. This type of Mud recycler cleaning capacity is from 200 GPM to 350 GPM. It will be used in manage the processing of drilling tail pulp. Mini shale shaker the […]


Proportioning Pumps

Metering pump also called proportional pump is ideal for injecting the correct proportion of the chemical into a mud management process. Metering pump is industrial grade equipment designed to be used where chemicals must be pumped by 24-7-365. Engineered materials are used for the wetted end of pump virtually any chemical, from acids to caustics. […]


Hole Cleaning Performance

As the inclination of the wellbore increases, so does the tendency for the drill cuttings to drop onto the Low Side of the hole. Continued buildup of cuttings will increase the risk of getting stuck pipe. Since the drill collars will also tend to sag against the Low Side of the hole. A buildup of […]

economic mud recycling system

How Economic Mud Recycling System Works

Economic mud recycling system is normally set-up on location and used to mix the Bentonite Slurry solution used to float the cuttings out of the tunnel and cool the drilling surface while cutting. Note:  On the mud recycling system the fluid is processed through a DeSander cone bank first due to the shear amount of volume […]

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