shaker screen with desilter

shaker screen customization

Steel frame shale shaker screens are the preferred choice of many oilfield companies. Such shaker screen is provided by Aipu. The company supplies shale shaker screen with a variety of mesh ranges for oilfield, sand control, coal mine, filter liquid and gas, etc. The shale shaker accessories include vibrating screen or motion oilfield screen mesh. […]

mud cleaner

Mud Cleaner

 Mud CleanerMadeBy Aipu Inquiry 1   MUD CLEANER  DESCRIPTION Mud cleaner is a combination of hydrocyclone mounted above a shale shaker. The primary use of the mud cleaner has always been the removal of drilled solids larger than barite. Its secondary purpose is to remove drilled solids from unweighted drilling fluids. The Aipu Mud Cleaner is […]

shale shaker

The Key of Shale Shaker

 Vibration motor will provide power and lead the shaker to do linear motion, balanced elliptical motion or circle motion move. Shale shaker screen will filter the large solid out of drilling fluid under shaking. The clean drilling mud will be processed again by subsequent equipment with solids less than 75 microns. Onshore and offshore well […]

mud agitator

Mud Agitators from AIPU Solids Control

Mud agitators play an important role in the surface treatment of drilling fluids, and AIPU specialized in mud agitators production. Impeller-type mixers provide both axial and radial flow, which lowers mud costs and improves mud properties. Impeller-type mixer are basically low-shear and low-energy, inexpensive to operate and esay to maintain. Low-shear mixer used to suspend […]

shale shaker

Shale Shaker and Double Deck Shale Shaker

Firstly, shale shaker is the first phase drilling mud cleaning equipment in a whole solids control system.  And the 2 sets of vibrator motor on screen shaker supply vibrating power for shaker deck. And in this way to reach a high G force to help shaker separate solids out and discharge solids out at a […]

vacuum degassers

Vacuum Degasser Equipment in Drilling

Vacuum degasser is one of the main equipments in solids control system to separate gas from drilling mud . And the degasser normally sits beside shale shaker and before desander to protect centrifugal pumps. An efficient degasser is very important to safe and productive drilling operations. As the composition of the gas encountered, the present […]

mud desilter

Desilter Hydrocyclone on Mud Cleaner

Desilter hydrocyclone can be different size from 2 inch to 6 inch normally , and hydrocyclone cone size and quantity can be customized depending on drilling conditions and mud flow requirement. As usual,the desilter hydrocyclone be clampt connection and stainless ball valve for easy control. So it used to provide efficient and reliable separation of […]

aipu shaker screen

Screen Mesh for Shale Shaker in Oilfield

The screen mesh normally described number of wires or openings in each direction per linear inch. The mesh size we mentioned. And the mesh size depends on the staring in oen wire centre , and count the number of the holes in the screen grid to the next wire centre. For example, an 40 mesh […]

mud tank

Mud Tank for Oilfied and Solid Control System

Mud tank for solids control system is design for mud holding firstly. While treatment by solids control equipment and mud storage after mud mixing or separating. As a result, the mud tank can be different size depending on drilling requirement by different length, width and height. Then the tank can be skid mounted tank or […]

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