mud mixing hopper

Mud Mixing Hopper in Drilling and Oilfield

First of all, mud mixing hopper normally worked together with a centrifugal pump or shear pump with pipeline and valves for chemical mixing in oilfield. On the one hand, the mud mixing hopper can be different size and design depending on oilfield requirement and client priority. On the other hand, the centrifugal pump normally for […]

double deck shale shaker

Double Deck Shale Shaker for oil Sludge Treatment

First of all,AIPU deliveried 1 set of double deck shale shaker for oil sludge treatment to job site last week. Because this double deck shale shaker start building  after an oil show meeting with client, so we try our best to serve the client both in quality and delivery time . As the client work […]

shaker spare parts

Shaker Screen and Spare Parts

Shale shaker spare part including all regular ware parts. Including shaker screen, wedge or other type screen tighten parts, vibrator motor, shaker deck rubber, electrical control panel, etc.  The spare parts storage and supply speed is very important for shaker user. And many supplier even can’t confirm their spare parts no. before measure the old […]

vacuum degasser

Vacuum Degasser in Solids Control System

Vacuum degasser is one of the main equipments in solids control system to separate gas from drilling mud . The degasser normally sit beside shale shaker and before desander to protect centrifugal pumps. And an efficient degasser is very important to safe and productive drilling operations.  As the composition of the gas encountered, the present […]

shale shaker screen

Shale Shaker Screen Specification

Shale shaker screen is the most regularly ware parts for a whole solids control equipment in drilling job site. As AIPU Solids Control build various replacement shaker screen for different brand and models of shale shaker. So there are different type of shaker screen with frame type shaker screen or hook type shaker screen. For […]


Mud Desilter Unit In Solids Control System

Mud Desilter firstly can be different size from 2 inch to 6 inch normally , hydrocyclone cone size and quantity can be customized depending on drilling conditions and mud flow requirement. Also the desilter hydrocyclone be clampt connection and stainless ball valve for easy control. Provided efficient and reliable separation of solids from drilling mud […]

mud recycling system

HDD Mud Recycling System

HDD Mud recycling system as important device in HDD. And users concern what Aipu can supply, and why they can select Aipu. Flows in HDD mud recycling system The mud is clean,  mixed by bentonite and some chemical mixtures, then stored by a tank. Ready to go to the hdd system. Then  pumped to the […]

flare ignitor

Flare Ignition Device in Oilfield Drilling

The flare ignition device mainly used for igniting the waste gas as we know firstly. The gas is coming from the equipment poor boy degasser which design to release waste gas from drill mud. The gas is flammable which is dangerous on the drill site even all equipments are required to be flameproof. There are […]

mud agitator

Mud Agitator in Drilling Mud System

In whole drilling mud system, mud agitator is one of the assistant equipment . Operating agitator will keep the solid content suspension and maintain drilling fluid property. Almost every tank request agitator, but not shaker tank. And mud agitator including horizontal type and vertical type. Also difference between them is the foot print, or the […]

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