mud agitator

Manufacturer of API Certificated Mud Agitators

Glad to introduce Aipu Solisd Control to you. As  the professional manufacturer of mud agitator, shaker screens, shale shaker as well as solids control system. Today,we would like to share more information about mud agitators. The function of surface mud system. Firstly, we should know the function of surface mud system. The purpose of a […]

screw pump

Application and Advantages of Screw Pump in Mud Cleaning

The screw pump as an ideal mud pump to feed drilling fluids  since the fluids may flow along with the shaft with a very slow inner flow speed, which will not change the pump’s capacity, but will keep the pressure steady so that no vertex or agitation will be produced. Besides, the screw pump play […]

mud agitaor

Selection and Usage in Solids Drilling Mud Agitator

Mud agitators in solids control as  the assistant equipment for drilling mud processes. AIPU as a professional manufacturer for solids control equipment, therefore we has designed lots of high-quality products. To keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids, the mud agitator serves the mud consecutively and reliably. Solids Control Agitator in Usage […]

vibrating screen

Angle Adjustment System for Shale Shaker

Oilfield drilling mud cleaning system equipment shale shaker is the first stage separation equipment . It utilizes vibrating motor to generate vibrating strength. The vibrating strength drives the drilling mud to go through the shale shaker. When the drilling mud goes through the shale shaker screen, clean mud will filter into mud tank. Not allowable bigger solids will pass the screen surface and be discharged.

sand pump

Advantage and features of AIPU centrifugal pump

Oilfield solids control system needs many centrifugal pumps to sit on mud tanks. The pumps are generally used to transfer drilling mud to make it circulate through tank system. According to mud feeding and drilling flow locations, we name the centrifugal pump as feeding pump for desander / desilter or mud cleaner, mixing pump for […]

decanter centrifuge

High speed Decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is a solids control equipment that in high rotational speed to separate fine solids after desilter .The decanter centrifuge separate solids material 2-7 microns and plays an important role in solids control equipment to lower mud density and bentonite recovery.

mud cleaner

AIPU solids control success at PETRO TECH oil show

AIPU solids control success at PETRO TECH oil show Oil show is an important way to get in touch with customers.  Attending exhibition will help us know better of O&G. The 12th PETRO TECH was held in Delhi, India.  Of course Aipu solids control  would like to share our success. Far prior to this oil […]


Mud cleaner in Oilfield Drilling Processing

Mud cleaner in Oilfield Drilling remove drilled solids, particles and cuttings. Exactly, the mud desander removes the solids between 45 and 75 microns in diameter. The mud desilter gets rid of solids 15-45 microns.


High quality decanter centrifuge for sale in stock

High quality decanter centrifuge for sale in stock First of all,Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon.  In the  new year,we hope all of our customers and friends will have a sparkling and bright year. Today we would like to show our high quality and very good reputation products, that is decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge for […]

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