Solids Control System Manufacturing

Solids Control And Handling Drilling Fluids In Heavy Oil

Critical path reviews and optimization efforts are a continuous process that must be directed at solids control operates. The handling of fluids in heavy oil operations remains a significant challenge in terms of solids control and drilling waste management. The heavy oil characteristics have created challenges in fluid handling and drill solids removal. With a specific […]

Mud recycling system for HDD

HDD Engineering, Environmental and safty requirements

Pre-Design Survey Before HDD (horizontal directional drilling) engineering, it must be make a minimum controlled plan that should meet the method statement and execution procedures of the project: Site accessibility and the needs for site preparation. Vegetation removal. Leveling and soil compaction. Availability of workspace necessary to set up drilling rig, ancillary equipment, material (drilling […]

Base of steel tank showing corrosion and perforation.

Management of Ageing Storage Tanks

Owners and operators of tank storage need to recognise the indicators of age and deterioration and have an understanding of why this occurs and the likely rate. Why is age important? The age of an asset is important, not only for the expected processes of deterioration, but also because duty demands of service will frequently […]

Cross section of the decanter centrifuge’s conical bowl

Utilization of Heat and Centrifuge Technology to Recover Crude for Sales from Slop Oil

The total crude oil production from the Soldado field is pumped to one facility on land. The gas from the production is separated offshore and any residual gas is removed via a gas booth at the facility. The crude oil is then pumped through a free water knockout vessel and into settling tanks for separation […]

centrifugal pump for slurry

Centrifugal Pump Delivering Non-Newtonian Slurry

Centrifugal pumps being used for transporting slurries in the industry. The main parts of a Centrifugal pump are rotating element (impeller) with blades and a stationary element (volute casing). The transport of multiphase flow particularly the slurry which is mixture of liquid and solid is widely encountered in the petroleum, mining and chemical industries. The […]

centrifugale pumps for sale

Centrifugal Pump and Centrifugal Compressor Process Containment

Centrifugal Pumps and Centrifugal Compressors are classified as driven equipment which are widely used in the oil and gas industry. It’s important device for solids control system. Centrifugal Pumps is primarily used to boost the operating pressure and transfer liquid (like drilling mud) and gas respectively in a safe and reliable manner. Process containment is one […]

mud recycling process

Effective Mud Recycling For Oil based Mud

New design mud recycling system is the effective solution for controlling solid phase in Oil based Mud (OBM) and the level of ecological danger of drill cuttings: combination of centrifugal drying system for drill cuttings and removal of the colloidal phase by a chemical-mechanical method using a high-performance decanter centrifuge. This solution was implemented as […]

VFD Decanting centrifuge


A brief review of decanter centrifuge is beneficial prior to a discussion of control objectives and methods. Decanting bowl centrifuges are well known in the industry for separating fine solids out of drilling mud. A decanter centrifuge is designed to process a physical mixture of two constituents: a liquid and a solid mechanically separating one […]

Drilling mud mixer

Drilling Mud Mixer

As the muds became more expensive, it became more common to use metal tanks instead of earthen pits. Mud guns (high pressure jets) operated from rig main mud pumps were used to mix the mud contained in the mud tanks as shown by Figure 1. Conventional high speed electrically or air driven propeller mixers or […]

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