Decompose shale shaker

Decompose Aipu MG Series Shaker

Shaker basket, Vibrator motors,  Screen wedge & bar, Shaker screen, Deck spring, leveling jack,  gumble tray, possum belly, control panel are mainly composed mud shale shaker. (see picture 1.) Shaker Busket The  Shaker  Base  Assembly  (“basket”)  is  the  support  structure  for  the  shaker   bed.   The   screens,   vibrator   motors   are   […]

Desanding plant

Desander And Desanding Plant

Desander Desander, a metal or polyurethane vortex cone (cyclone) used on a drilling rig to centrifuge returning drilling mud and remove a high percentage API sand (paritcles less than 74 micron in diameter). The desander can be operated mechanically or by fluid flowing in a hydrocyclone, a metal cone-shaped device having no moving parts. A […]

vibrating screen

Kinematic Law of Solids on a Drilling Fluid Vibrating Screen

A drilling fluid vibrating screen is a vibrator used for solid/liquid separation. It is an important device in the solids-control system because efficient operation of other surface solids separation equipment is critically dependent on proper functioning of the vibrating screen. The purpose of using a vibrating screen is to recover drilling fluid and remove large […]


Types Of Shale Shaker

Drilling fluid (mud) is an essential component of modern drilling processes: it lubricates and cools the drill bit and conveys drilled cuttings away from the borehole. This fluid is a mixture of expensive and environmentally sensitive chemicals in a water- or oil-based solution. To reduce drilling operational costs and existing environmental concerns, shale shakers are […]



A shale shaker’s position of the drive system of with two unbalanced vibration exciters and a given vibration trajectory is determined using systems of motion equations. This drive system is analyzed for an industrial prototype of shale shaker. The result is adjusted for the constraint of the dynamic load-carrying capacity of the bearings in a shaker. […]

desander hydrocyclone

Cyclonic Technology

Cyclone devices partition two or more phases based on their weights and separate gas-liquid-solid components in a variety of applications. In the petroleum industry, cyclones are used to remove grit or droplets from gas pipelines, segregate sand or oil from produced water, debottleneck gravity settling vessels, or even split mixed gases with different densities. Fig. […]

shale shaker working

Solids Control Effect on Rate of Penetration

An example of using the ESD to compare different solids control options and to formulate a well plan was done for the surface hole on a well drilled in the Anschutz Ranch East Field. Data used to formulate the plan was collected while on the surface hole of an offset well that was drilled using […]


Centrifuge and ESD

The centrifuge model is based on the Stokes settling equation and the theory of gravity settling chambers. Fig. 1 shows the block diagram of the centrifuge model. A typical rectangular gravity settling chamber is illustrated by Fig. 2. For a rectangular gravity settling chamber, it may be shown that any particle whose settling velocity exceeds […]

dual deck shale shaker

Vibrating Screen Separators

Vibrating screens (shale shakers) are the first mechanical devices in the solids control system to process the fluid.  Maximizing the removal of solids at this point will increase the efficiency of the remainder of the solids equipment utilized. In unweighted fluid systems, maximum removal with shakers will reduce the solids loading on the desander, thus […]

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