Solids control pits

Optimisation of Solids Control Opens Up Opportunities for Drilling of Depleted Reservoirs

Proper knowledge on what type and size distribution of particles to be used to strengthen formation is necessary to successfully apply this technology. However, it is equally important to control the particle content on the offshore application. Shaker performance and the mechanisms for wear on shaker screens must be known to control that only desired […]

polyurethane for shale shaker detail

Shaker Screening Media

Shaker screening machines can be fitted with a variety of media, as explained in a previous section. Woven wire, profile bars, perforated plate, polyurethane and rubber are available options. Because it is a consumption item, the choice is governed by cost, aperture size and shape, expected life (wear resistance), and efficiency (percent open area), not […]


Polymer Mud System in Drilling Engineering

Any mud system using linear water-soluble polymer as treatment agent can be called polymer mud system. Polymer drilling mud has been developed as a new drilling fluid system since the early 1970s.  But in the process of application, polymer mud system usually refers to mud system in which the polymer is the main treating agent […]

Mud skips

Mud Skips Had Been Manufactured

Cutting boxes in a variety of sizes. Every unit is built for outstanding offshore performance with features such as a rust-resistant galvanized finish, and multiple ports that allow for aster cuttings collection. Our cuttings boxes also have lighter lids – nearly hal the weight o many competitors’ boxes. According to third-party research, this makes a […]

stainless steel coarse screen

Related Test for Drilling Fluid Solids Control Equipment

Solids control include the creation of a closed loop system which allows for increased environmental control and reduction in the potential for spills of drilling fluids. Correct selection and use of solids control equipment is essential to maintain drilling fluid at its desired properties. It has also shown to be essential to avoid generation of […]

vertical mud agitator

Operate Mud Agitaor Safety

Starting the Mud Agitator Prior to proceeding, check the alignment of the motor to gearbox coupling alignment. If couplings are not aligned properly, you may wear out the flexible element before an acceptable length of operating time has passed. Once installation is complete and proper lubrication levels have been confirmed, pressing the start button on […]

mud gas separator

Principle of Operate Mud Gas Separator

The mud/gas separator is designed to provide effective separation of the mud and gas circulated from the well by venting the gas and returning the mud to the mud pits. Small amounts of entrained gas can then be handled by a vacuum-type degasser located in the mud pits. The mud/gas separator controls gas cutting during […]

mud system (closed)


The use of “Closed” mud systems reduces the environmental impact of oil-well drilling to an absolute minimum. The strict definition of a closed mud system is one from which the only waste is damp cuttings. This requires the removal of all drilled solids (and caving) and the reuse of the liquid discharged by the solids […]

economic mud recycling system sideback

Screening And Screens Of Mud Recycling Plant

Mud recycling plant uses screens to direct, separate, and control drilling fluid flow in the process. The heart of Mud recycling system is the shale shaker. This vital piece of equipment filters out the gritty pieces of the Barnett Shale from the drilling fluid (or “mud”), so that the fluid can recirculate and thus continue […]

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