Shale Shaker And How Select Proper One For Your Mud Separation Project

An introduction on the shale shakers

In the drilling industry, a vibrating screen called shale shaker is the first equipment that does the filtration process. The purpose here is minimizing cutting solids in the mud. A shale shaker is the … Read the rest

Solids control system for liquid and solids separation to environmental solution company

Solids control system is widely used to environmental solution for liquid and solids separation. AIPU solids control these days just finished assembling one set of solids control system to an environmental solution company who introduced by one regular customer.

In … Read the rest

TBM mud cleaning system with desander 150m³/h

TBM mud cleaning system is designed for civil engineering of foundation bored pile machine, and micro tunneling project overseas. The main features including integrative, economical, cost-effective, compact, and so on

TBM mud cleaning system information

The treating capacity for this … Read the rest