4″ Desilter cyclone for mud cleaner

Desilter cyclone is installed on mud cleaner to separate fine solids particles like silt. 4 inch is a commonly used size. Normally cyclone will be installed on mud cleaner for third phase mud cleaning on the solids control system.

The mud cleaner is a shale shaker, desander, and desilter combination for the second phase and third phase mud cleaner after the shale shaker. The bottom shale is working to dry solids particles out of the desander and desilter nozzle and recycling fluids content into a solids control system.

4″ Desilter cyclone

4″ Desilter cyclone main configuration

  • Desilter body 4″ size with 2″ inlet PU material pipe and solids discharge at the bottom by weight. The whole body is made of PU material for wear resisting.
  • 2″ size of elbow connected with desilter body for clean mud overflow into the pipeline. The elbow can be 90 or 180 degrees depending on the installation requirements.
  • Different sizes of nozzles for desilter body bottoms are installed depending on desilter performance. 30 degrees of solids jetting at the bottom is a good performance. If it’s jetting at 30+ degrees, adjust the nozzle size a bit bigger, if it’s jetting at 30- degrees, adjust the nozzle size a bit smaller.
  • All parts are made by PU material for wear resisting and extending their working life.

Desilter cyclone sizes

Desilter cyclone we have 2 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, or 6 inch for options. they are differentiated according to the different processing capacities. the throughput of 4 inch cones is 12 to 15 cubic meters per hour; flow rate of 5 inch cones is 20 cubic meters per hour. As we know for drilling mud systems in the oil and gas industry, 4 inch cones are regularly used.

twin cyclone

4″ Desilter twin cyclone

AIPU can manufacture a twin 4″ clone as well using high quality polyurethane with long wear life and corrosion resistance. Each Twin Cone consists of two numbers 4’’ hydrocyclones with a common feed rate of 150 GPM. AIPU hydrocyclones are 100% equivalent to famous brand ones.

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