5 Tips You Should Know About Shale Shaker

shale shaker

Shale shaker basic function

There are some people don’t grasp the basic functions of shale shaker. From the short understanding, it’s an associated device to shake or create mud oscillating. Shale shakers are the devices with vibratory motor to separate particles out of drilling fluids.

shale shaker
Shaker details

What is the shaker performance in system?

The shaker can also be known as a vibration device. It’s the primary stage solids control management device. Typically it separates particles larger than seventy six microns from drilling mud. The mud flow through the high set pipeline gets to the baffle box on the shaker or on to the distribution box. Then the shale shaker begin operating to shake the mud out solids.

After it processes, the solid particle size is going to be smaller than 76microns. Clean mud can make up the shaker compartment or sinking compartment. Then the after equipment can do follow process, like Desanding, Desilter, etc. So, the shale shaker is that the key instrumentation on mud system. Even there used to be a specialist mentioned “In the longer term, the entire drilling fluids unit simply wants one excellent shale shaker”.

The structure of the drilling mud shale shaker

The vibratory shaker sometimes consists baffle box, the motor support beam, the vibratory motor, the hydraulic pressure adjustment, motor starter, deck, screen. These area unit main components on the whole shaker.

Moreover, if requested by consumer the baffle box are going to be replaced by a divider for mud distribution and crunching. The vibratory motor will be chosen as per client preference. And therefore the motor divided into explosion proof and customary kind. This is often set by the usual trade. The deck will be designed to 1 or double, etc.

elliptical vibration shaker

Shaker screen feature

Screen is formed of stainless-steel wire mesh. The shaker screen will be soft/hard hook trip kind, steel frame screen. Then will be separated as flat screen, pyramid shaker screen.

As we tend to all understand. API hold commonplace on screen manufacture. If the cut purpose larger the mesh is going to be less. The realm is a very important issue on shaker screen capability. The open space proportion is a difficulty cared a lot of by the consumer.

Screen amount leads totally different treating capability. It’s similar as screen space issue. Select shale shaker from mud system capability then we are able to understand the screen amount and screen space. This can facilitate U.S. perceive higher on shaker performance and screen usable life.

Vibration motion of shakers

From the start as yet, there are unit fourth generation sedimentary rock shakers together with a circular motion, elliptical motion, linear motion, balanced elliptical motion. You’ll conjointly understand viverrine mammal twin motion shaker we tend to simply treat it as four of the generation. The four m0tions enjoy their own strength.

two set organge color MG4 linear motion shale shalers
two set organge color MG4 linear motion shale shalers

However, nowdays we are inclined to like linear motion and balanced elliptical motion shaker.

If the screen space is uniform the various motion can start distinction. Since the vibratory motion may result from the treating performance, etc. virtually shakers have the disadvantage of block, jam, horse foot impact, uses ideal sedimentary rock shaker will facilitate a lot of on efficiency.

Of course, select the suitable vibratory shaker depends on the well drilling and fluids process capability. Additionally think about clients’ demand or preference.

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