Advantage and features of AIPU centrifugal pump

sand pump

Oilfield solids control system needs many centrifugal pumps to sit on mud tanks. The pumps are generally used to transfer drilling mud to make it circulate through tank system. According to mud feeding and drilling flow locations, we name the centrifugal pump as feeding pump for desander / desilter or mud cleaner, mixing pump for jet mud mixer, trip pump for trip tank and supercharging pump for rig mud pump.

Following points in the process of centrifugal pump running.

1. Check once per hour. Increase the number of checks in key areas and weak links.
2. Pay attention to current instructions and pump operation, add oil timely.
3. Often pay attention to the surface of the pump. Pay attention to stabilizing head of centrifugal pump. If the efficiency has declined should raise the head amount, if the amount is too large must take measures to adjust.


 yellow centrifugal pumps

The advantages of centrifugal pump

1.   Tungsten carbide mechanical seal, good effect, without regular maintenance.
2.   The design of the impeller reduces axial thrust load. Easy to operate, repair and maintain.
3.   All equipment surface using sand blasting treatment
4.   Use more thick pump shell, passage shape is more reasonable, the turbulence is reduced to the minimum than conventional ones.
5.   All bolts, nuts, flat washers, cotter pin galvanization processing, but do not contain chromium plating, nickel plating, pin do antiseptic treatment.

a bunch of sand pumps

 Pump maintenance schedule

Perform the following tasks whenever you perform routine maintenance
1.   Clean bearing bracket from any oil if found.
2.   Check oil drain plug.
3.   Lubricate the bearings.
4.   Inspect suction and discharge flanges for any leak.
5.   Inspect pump casing for any unusual damage signs.
6.   Inspect the seal.
7.   If the pump is offline check the coupling and its shims for any damage.
8.   Make sure that the coupling guard s well tightened to pump base plate.
9.   Check that motor alignment bolts are all in place.

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