Aipu Desander For Mud Control

Four desanders

4 set orange color desandersAipu Solids Control Desanders designed for continuous removal of sands and abrasive cuttings from rotary drilling fluids. The desander can help limit repair and replacement or parts damaged by abrasive-laden drilling fluids and minimizes sand-caused prbolems while it creases effective drilling rate and reduces rig downtime.

The Aipu Solids Control Desander can be efficiently designed to handle any combination of sand and rig pump conditions. Any combination of 10 inch hydrocyclone can be furnished,manifolded assemblies or complete units with pumps and prime movers of the driller’s choice.

desander overview

The Aipu Solids Control 10 inch desander reduces sand content to a trace in normal drilling fluids. In a water slurry carrying an assortment of sand and silts. The 10 inche hydrocyclone will remove about 95% of the 39 micron particles and more than 50% of the 20 micron particles.

The economical multi-sectioned liners of the Aipu Solids Control’s desander permit replacement of worn parts without replacing the entire liner. The apes valve segment includes the area of fastest wear and is provided with a quick-change apex valve holder to minimize downtime.

Mud desander
Mud desanders

As drilling conditions and sand content of the flowline change, this quick-change feature permits fast valve substitution without the distortion of hydrocyclone design common to other apex valve adjustment systems.

The Aipu Solids Control’s Desanders are installed where it can take suction from the actual rnud system as soon as it passes through the shale shaker or leaves the flowline. The front end of the first mud tank should be partitioned in half with an overflow gate. The desander can then take suction from the first half of the tank and return clean mud to the second half of the tank. With this arrangement, virtually no sand settles in the tank, and the desander pressure is in the 30-35 psi range. Back pressure or vacuum should be avoided in the overflow line for maximum efficiency.

The position of the clones in relation to the active mud system and the size and length of alt connecting piping should be carefully considered, A water line should be placed at the-underflow collecting point to wash sand onto the waste area. This is particularly important if desander underflow is relatively dry.

Desander is a solids control equipment that behind shale shaker to manage drilling fluid.

Four desanders
Desander for drilling mud



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