AIPU Drilling Fluids and Drilling Waste Management

How to process the drilling fluids from solids control system, we call it drilling waste, drilling cuttings, or drilling mud as well, is a problems that many drilling contractors faced. AIPU drilling waste management system can solve it. The system can be designed to skid mounted or trailer mounted.

Drilling waste management information

A complete drilling waste management system is composed of filter press unit, dosing unit, storage tanks, and electric control system. To make sure a longer service time of filter press unit, some shakers were equipped in front of it to get the large cuttings out before they enter the filter press.

Questions of filter press system

Some common questions listed here, as many customers are using this system for the first time.

RFQ 1: How long should the filter press last in service years?

AIPU: The designed service year is 10 years

RFQ 2: Is there any daily, weekly, monthly or yearly maintenance that has to be done to the system?

AIPU: Sure, the user manual indicate the details.

RFQ 3: In regards to using the dosing system, are they pumping the chemicals in while the holding tank is being filled with slurry or can they pump the chemical mix in ahead of time and then add the slurry?

AIPU: The operator need to do chemical mix in ahead of time and then add the slurry.

RFQ 4: In reality how many men does it take to run the system 12 or 24 hrs a day.

AIPU: Usually, there are 3 men to run the system 12 hrs a day. One group leader, and two operators.

RFQ 5: Can you guide us how to add chemical?

AIPU: Firstly, let me introduce the warranty time, it is 12 months after run date. And our technical will go to customers’ site, he will train the operator how to add chemical, how to maintain the whole equipment until working.

RFQ 6: Can we get round bottom tanks should we need any?

AIPU: As the professional mud tanks, we can produce round bottom tanks. Glad to say AIPU is the qualified supplier of Sinopec, CNPC, JEREH, HONGHUA GROUP, CPC.

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