Aipu Mud Agitator

vertical mud agitators
mud agitator
structure of vertical mud agitator

Aipu mud agitators, available in eight models (4 horizontal style and vertical style each) from 5.5 through 15 Kw (7.5  ~20 horsepower), are quite, smooth and vibration-free. The simplicity and strength of their single-reduction worm gear drive provide long reliable service.

Mud agitator is one accessory of the solids control equipment, fixed in mud tank to keep solids suspension in mud.

Worm gear drives are 50% more resistant to shock and vibration than gear reductions utilizing twice as many helical and bevel gears. Also, worm gear drives wear in rather than wear out. Steady operation continues to form the tooth rather than destroy the tooth form.

Aipu agitator’s impeller blades are canted at 60° to promote axial as well as radial flow. This induces a bottom-to-top movement and results in a more homogeneous mixture.

Aipu Mud agitator impellers size

impeller 5.5Kw Agitator 7.5Kw Agitator 11Kw Agitator 15Kw Agitator
Dual Impeller None Up 800mm;

Down 800mm

Up 850mm;

Down 850mm

Up 950mm;

Down 950mm

Single impeller 850mm 950mm 1050mm 1200mm

Selection of Agitators Size

Select the right size agitator by first locating the tank width on the right side of the graph. A recommended impeller diameter is shown across on the left side. This impeller size is correlated to the mud weight and the required horsepower. simply follow a horizontal line from the impeller diameter to the curve showing the heaviest anticipated mud weight. Now locate the nearest verticle line to the right of this point and note the required horsepower at the top of the graph.

agitator impeller and tank width
Note: Horsepower is based on 57.5 rpm and a four-bladed impeller. Maximum impeller size for given horsepower shown by heavy line


Mud agitators are required for a 10-foot-wide tank, 30 feet long, to maintain weighting materials in suspension for a 12 lbs/gal mud:

Find the tank width (10 ft) and the recomended corresponding impeller diameter (36 in) on the graph. Follow a horizontal line from the impeller diameter to the curve of the given mud weight (12 lbls/gal mud – use the curve on the next higher mud weight). From the intersection of the mud weight curve and the impeller diameter, locate the nearest vertical line to the right and note the horsepower at the top of the graph.

This particular application will require a 5.5-Kw size aipu mud agitator for each 10 feet of tank length – a total of three 5.5-Kw agitators.

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