Angle Adjustment

shale shaker angle adjustment

Why shale shaker need angle adjustment?

  1. The size of the particles
  2. The density of the drilling fluids
  3. Feeding capacity
  4. Drilling mud type
  5. Shaker screen type
  6. Shaker screen mesh
adjustment indicate
Figure 1 angle adjustment

Details of angle adjustment

  1. The shaker deck is normally set at 0 °when leaving Aipu factory except Hunter-Mini shaker. As in the Fig. 1, shaker deck angel increases when spin clockwise and decreases when spin anticlockwise.
  2. The shaker deck angle adjusng device is composed of electric motor, reduction box, lead screw device, steer square tube, travelling square tube, travelling switch, travelling switch support, and control panel which allows the shaker deck to be adjusted by electric motor. The deck angle is -1°to +5°,rated working angle is 0 to
  3. Operation:When the electric control panel is charged with electricity, choose the corresponding up and down button. Start the motor, the motor speed is decelerated by reduction box and screw lift to get ideal speed. The lead screw lift the travelling square tube up or down. When the travelling squire tube increase or decrease to a limited position, the travelling square tube assembly touch the travelling switch and the motor will shut off for protection. The operator can adjust the deck angle according to the mud property and flow capacity.

How does angle adjustment working

There are mechanical adjustment, hydraulic adjustment, electrical adjustment. All of them can be adjusted during drilling without shut down. The mechanical one is popular since convenient and easy to operate. For mechanical one, we adjust the angle by handle wheel, or the handle lever. With the jack screw, the deck angle can be easily adjusted very soon by one person

Such mechanical jack screw requests little maintenance by greasing the screw. Always operate it according to user manual or instruction mark on shaker provided by manufacturer.

shale shaker angle adjustment
shale shaker with angle adjustment
indicate angle assembly
indicate angle assembly
test angle adjustment bar
test angle adjustment bar
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