API 13C Certified Shale Shaker Screen Manufacturer

Proud to say AIPU Solids Control is an API 13C certified shale shaker screen manufacturer from China. Our engineers have over 18 years of experience on designing and manufacturing shaker screen. AIPU screens are produced and inspected according to API standards.

Shale shaker screen design

Screens are available in two- and three-dimensional designs.

Two-dimensional screens can be classified as:

  • Panel screens, with two or three layers bound at each side by a one-piece, double-folded hook strip
  • Perforated plate screens, with two or three layers bonded to a perforated, metal plate that provides support and is easy to repair

Three-dimensional shale shaker screens are perforated, plate screens with a corrugated surface that runs parallel to the flow of fluid. This configuration provides more screen area than the two-dimensional screen configuration. The different types of three-dimensional screens are:

  • Pyramid

Shale shaker screen material

We make screen panels with high quality raw material, including SS304, SS304L, and SS316. The cost of shaker screens means the quality in some degree. And besides that, cost means service time, too.

We know corrosion is a serious problem that always accompanies the development of oil and gas fields. Considering the anti-corrosion, SS316 is better perfromance than SS304 and SS304L. Usually, we can check the mill test or quality certificate then will find something on the percentage of main content, such as Ni, Cr, and so on. Even the finihsed screens looks same, their service time will tell us.

Why we have three levels of materials for optional, cause we always face questions from new clients “Why is the price of your screen higher than others”. If the drilling fluids processed with lower corrosion properity, and we prefer a cost-competitive shaker screens, Grade ss304 will be a better choice.

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