API Shaker Screen Made from China

API shaker screen

Formed in 2012, Aipu shaker screen is a combination enterprise of the product design, manufacture and marketing, leading Chinese manufacturer in regard to shale shaker screen as well as replacement screen for all makes or models of shale shakers. You may consider the company is newly formed, however, the staff at Aipu shaker screen shares in over 20 years of screen manufacture experience. And we have specialized R&D team, professional technological process and specialized quality management system.

Shale Shaker Screens are one of the major business for AIPU Solids Control. Because  we understand, the cost-effective shale shaker screens are very important for the drilling operations solids control equipment. So AIPU keeps research and develop the best technology to manufacture top quality shaker screens for our clients. AIPU is also able to make around 8000 PCs of shaker screens every month. With our distribution network and cost-effective products, AIPU Shale Shaker Screens are popular around the world.

API shaker screen


The American Petroleum Institute (API) Screen Designation is the customary identification for screen panels. This includes:

API Number: the sieve equivalent as per API RP 13C
Conductance: the ease with which a liquid can flow through the screen, with larger values representing higher volume handling
Microns: a unit of length equal to one-thousandth of a millimeter
Non-blanked area: an evaluation of the surface area available for liquid transmission through the screen

shaker screen

Customized Packing/Label And Worldwide distributions

Not only Solution, but also Support.

To help to marketing the screens for your own brand,  AIPU Solids Control also provide the customized package and label services for our clients.

To provide the fast delivery for our world wide clients.  AIPU Solids Control worldwide can also help you to keep stock of shale shaker screens for your requirements.

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