Efficient API Certificated Oilfield Shale shaker and CIPPE Oil Show

API shale shaker

API shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in drilling fluids processing system. Shale shaker has linear vibrating fluid shale shaker and motioned elliptical drilling fluid shale shaker.

API shale shaker

Linear vibrating API shale shaker character

Linear vibrating shale shaker used two synchronized counter-rotating spindle vibration. Firstly the linear vibrating shale shaker screen box trajectory is a straight line. Sand conveyance speed round and shaker box in the translation. Linear vibrating screen box is an elliptical.

Secondly angle between the direction of the long axis of the ellipse and box level. Shaker track is linear has a simple structure and flexible shale screen with rust protection.

Motioned elliptical drilling fluid shale shaker characteristics

Motioned elliptical drilling fluid shale shaker characteristics are combining translational with typical trajectory. Capacity is 140m3/h so shale shaker work quickly.Each single-screen flat panel screen up to 160 meshes is better for removing solid-liquid.

The use of hydraulic methods for screening is good for moving sand,also screen box angle design popular. Shale shaker screen box structure is reasonable screening area than the general sieve. Efficiency increased from 30%to45% screening area.


Anti-mud splash screen box configuration device.

Above all the shale shaker is widely used in various types of mines, coal industry.Solid-liquid separation and classification. For the chemical, food processing engineering. For drilling and horizontal well drilling solid control system through the first stage of separation equipment.

Of course we will recommend a suitable shale shaker to help us make the drilling well. Shaanxi Aipu Merchinery Manufacture Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of the shale shaker. And we promise that providing quality products and efficient service. So if you interested in our product. Please indicate us any time.

In addition, glad to share with you the world oil show CIPPE will be held in Beijing on March 20~22. Aipu solids control welcome you to visit our stand E3575 during CIPPE.

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