ATEX Compliant Drilling Mud Centrifugal Degasser APLCQ300

During the drilling process, the drilling fluid is mixed with invading gas. And bubbles do not break on their own. The centrifugal degasser applies centrifugal force to remove these small bubbles from the mud before the mud returns to the wellhead. Normally it is installed after shale shaker and widely used in various solids control system.

Centrifugal degasser working principle

Via the rotating impeller, the degasser sucks the drilling fluid into the vessel. The fluids will stay at a level higher than the gas cut drilling fluid and then a cylindrical liquid layer with inverted cone shape space in the middle will be formed. Drilling fluid is discharged from discharge port along a tangent line. With the impeller rotating, bubble breaks, gas will be extracted from liquid, and finally accumulate in the cone shape space as the lower density. Pressurizing unit(similar to exhaust fan) will suck air through the narrow channel between the air distribution disk and air separation ring into the discharge cone, and then gas manifold, braided hose and pressurized device to pressuring unit, finally discharge the gas out through pressuring device with pressure.

AIPU centrifugal degasser features

AIPU APLCQ300 degasser its advantages are large capacity, high rate of degassing, less area required, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance. Benefits including your staffs can operate it well soon, get you more reasonable benefits and interests, convenient to handle or transfer, no need to pay special attention on working condition-very flexible.Meantime it can be used as a big power blender.

Customizable service of centrifugal degasser

Surface painting color is customized per client’s requirement, such as grey, orange, green, and etc. Heavy anticorrosive painting on degasser surface, 3 layer painting. Sand-blasting per SA2.5 prior to painting.

Moreover, the motor can be tailored as well. Common degasser motor is explosion proof and waterproof. In some countries, clients always required centrifugal degasser with an ATEX certificate based on different requirements of the job site. Just tell us when inquiry. No matter the main motor or fan motor.

Centrifugal degasser installation

The degasser must be installed vertically because the impeller rotates in the lower half. The lower part of the deaerator must be installed in the tank. There must be no sand or solids around the filter so that the gas-mixed mud can enter the centrifugal degasser. The pulp chamber has a mounting flange for mounting onto the tank. The centrifugal degasser weighs about 1400kg, so please pay attention to the strong installation on the tank, support the degasser. It is advisable to weld 2 I-beams to the mount. The size of the I-beam depends on the tank size. If an 8-foot tank, then an 8×18 I-beam or equivalent is required. At least 2 sets of 3/4″ bolts and nuts on each side, a total of 4 sets have to be used to fix the degasser mounting base to the tank.

More requirements on centrifugal degasser, free to contact Aipu Solids Control.

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