Centrifugal pump, a feeding pump for drilling mud cleaner

Centrifugal pump is a type of pump used to move drilling fluids through a piping system. It works by converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, which is then used to move the fluid. Today, we will share a customized pump, can you find the difference? Yes, that is the outlet direction.

From the picture, we can see its outlet direction in parallel with pump head. Usually, the outlet direction of centrifugal pump is vertical to pump head.

AIPU centrifugal pump application

AIPU solid control design and manufacture drilling mud system, centrifugal pump is a vital important auxiliary equipment in the whole system. AIPU centrifugal pump is used as feeding pump for desander unit, desilter unit, and mud cleaner. Centrifugal pump quantity depends on the equipment. If there are one set of desander, and desilter. Two centrifugal pumps will be configurated. Another function, this pump is worked as mixing pump for jet mud mixer. Also, it can be used as trip pump, and supercharging pump for rig mud pump. Our centrifugal pump use tungsten carbide mechanical seal, with famous brand bearing. And spare parts interchangeable with most of the international brand pump which helps customer to source spare parts easily from local market.

AIPU OEM service for centrifugal pump

Except for the outlet direction, electrical system, certificate for electrical system, surface painting color, logo, nameplate, package. There are so many items can be customized, just let us know your thought. Do you want a centrifugal pump that will more suitable for your market and users, just call AIPU freely.

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