How to Choose Diesel Storage Tank Properly

Diesel storage tanks were used in drilling site as a container to reserve diesel or other liquid. There are so many factors should be consider before purchase. Here is the main factors:

  • Type of tank: floating or fixed roof.
  • Operational constraints: entry or no entry.
  • Insulation or no insulation.
  • Riveted or welded.
  • Other parameters such as number/size of wind girders.
  • Size of tanks: diameter and height.
  • Cost of auxiliary and support services necessary such as power supply, scaffolding (if required).
  • Cost of stripping and reinstallation of sections of insulation where and when required.
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements, if required, as part of calibration.
  • Cost of bottom surveys where and when specified.
  • Availability of calibration contractor locally or on-site proximity to minimize travel costs.
  • Calibration work done on a straight-time basis or on overtime basis.
  • Number of tanks available at any given time.

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Some diesel tanks we manufactured.

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