Customizable Drilling Fluids System for Oil and Gas Industry

Drilling fluids system it is also called drilling mud system, solids control system, or mud circulation system for the oil gas drilling rigs. Fluids/mud systems play an important role in the drilling industries. These systems can be used to capture valuable particles in the mud. They also allow drilling fluid to be reused over and over without damaging the drill. This helps to cut costs and also to minimize resources required to complete the project. 

Different drilling contractors may require different configurated mud systems. what a customizable fluids system can be made from AIPU Solids Control?

Mud tanks

Fluids system is a multi-tank mud system. Let’s take the ZJ40 rig as an example, it’s treating capacity is 240 cubic meters per hour. We propose 4 mud tanks and a trip tank that holds 4-8m³ volume. Differ drilling depth, mud tanks’ quantity will be quite different. Considering the working condition at the drilling site, we may change some details. For example, if the system works in extremely cold air, we’ll provide the heating line and the isolation cover or shed to keep warm for the drilling mud processing part.

Different equipment configuration

Regards to the equipment, let’s take the ZJ40 rig as an example as well. We fit 2 sets of Hunter-MG3 shaker, 1 set of Hunter 240B cleaner, 1 set of APZCQ240 vacuum degasser, 1 set of APLW450x1000N centrifuge, 2 sets of APSB8x6 centrifugal pump, 1 set of APJBQ6545 shearing pump, 1 set of submersible slurry pump AP50YZ40-10 for centrifuge, 3 sets of venturi mud hopper, 2 sets of mixing pump, 9 sets of APMA mud agitator, each set of mud agitator for pill tank and trip tank, 10 sets of mud gun, 1 set of mud gas separator APMGS1000, 1 set of flare ignition device, all auxiliary components including lamps, ladders, handrails, walkways, pipelines, fittings, and so on.

Some customers may have budget, we will do some adjustment on equipmet. such as the mud cleaner, we can design a separated desander and a separated desilter instead of an integrated cleaner. We know that mud cleaner is the integration of desander cone, desilter cone and shale shaker. Using 2 separated separators instead of 1 integrated mud conditioner is applicable, too.

Surface painting color

Standard AIPU color for fluids system is that mud tanks are white colored, guardrail and stairs of tanks are yellow, and equipment color is AIPU blue. There is no doubt that the color can be customized as well, just let us know the color code. clients will get a color what they want.

Other customized service

As the mud system is used for drilling site, the electrical componets must be explosion proofed. Common standard is ExdIIBt4. some european customers require ATEX or IEC EX certified electrical componets, some users even require special certificate like EAC. Just let us know your demand, we can meet.

 AIPU always take end users’ demands as essential standards. Are you interested on drilling fluids system, call us today. 

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