Cuttings Dryers

red vertical cuttings dryer

Cuttings dryer has a high-speed vertical centrifuge that maximizes liquid-solid separation in large-volume processing for Reduce cuttings discharges. Aipu Solids Control was one of leading manufacturer of vertical cuttings dryers. we have become a sophisticated and trusted solutions provider.

Different styles of cuttings dryers have been developed over the years, with increasing success. Today, with some of the tools available, Synthetic on cuttings discharge levels are less than 3%.  Cuttings dryers are positioned down stream of the rig solids control system allowing the rig shakers (shale shaker) to be fitted with finer screens, resulting in increased drill solids removal efficiency. The additional mud lost over the shakers is collected in the cuttings dryer and returned to the mud active system, after centrifuging the drill solids.


  1. Dry Cuttings to OOC<3%, Avg. 1.8%.
  2. Recovers/Recycles all Mud from cuttings.
  3. Reduces Dilution Costs.
  4. Improves Cuttings Transfer Systems/Reduces Space Requirements.
  5. Reduces Haul Off Volumes and Disposal&Treatment Costs.

AP Vertical Cuttings Dryer is a centrifugal, coneshaped, vertical centrifuge that “dries” the cuttings with a 420 G centrifugal force. The effluent of the centrifugal dryer is processed thru a high-speed centrifuge for optimum cleaning of recovered mud. Depending on circumstance, the process rate for the cuttings dryer is 30~50 tons of cuttings per hour. Tungsten carbide protects the flights from abrasive solids and ensures long operational life.

Why cuttings dryer is so Important?

Screening-up improves cleaning of the mud and separates the undesired fine solids before they are return to hole. The results would be the drill solids is degrade into millions of ultra fines. There are only two solutions for ultra fine drill solids: Mechanical removal (Centrifuges), or by dilution with very expensive Synthetic Base Fluid or Mud.

AP Vertical cuttings dryer process allows the optimization of the rig’s solids control system; thereby reducing substantially expensive dilution requirements of the active mud system.

More importantly, the reduction of drill solids in the drilling mud system has proved to reduce drilling days,
allows for better hole conditions; reduces mud costs by improving mud properties resulting in less chemical treatment costs.

During drilling operations, the drill cuttings will retain a ratio between 1.0 and 1.5 barrels of mud to 1 barrel of
cuttings, if the rig shakers are optimized for maximum efficiency. As the hole size or penetration rate decreases, rig shale shakers are screened up, resulting in finer solids separation and more fluids retained with the cuttings. In these circumstances, mud recovered ranged from 40-200bbls per each day of drilling.

Additional use for cuttings dryers are to reduce the amount of cuttings hauled off and disposed of by recycling
the drilling mud from the drill cuttings. Depending on the quantity of cuttings to be processed and the liquid ratio of mud to cuttings, rates of reduction up to 39.6%have been achieved.

red vertical cuttings dryer

More details and features of AP Vertical Cuttings Dryers.


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