High quality decanter centrifuge for sale in stock

High quality decanter centrifuge for sale in stock

First of all,Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon.  In the  new year,we hope all of our customers and friends will have a sparkling and bright year.

Today we would like to show our high quality and very good reputation products, that is decanter centrifuge.

Decanter centrifuge for sale is high speed centrifuge. Stocked centrifuges were fabricated in NOV.2016. Then please find more information as below.

Decanter centrifuge in stock

Such centrifuges were made for drilling waste management. Clients ordered 6 sets of high speed decanter centrifuge and paid the deposit.  However, the project was postponed. So now  they prefer holding outstanding payment for other projects.  So the centrifuges are in stock.
decanter centrifuge

High speed decanter centrifuges are all fixed speed one.  If you prefer the VFD one it may take 7 day to finish. Please find detail below

Model: APGLW355X1258N-D
Speed: Max.3400rpm
Separation point: 2~5microns
Bowl length: 1258mm
Bowl diameter: 355mm
Main motor: 30KW
Back drive: 7.5KW
Electrical system: 380V/50Hz/3Ph, explosion proof
Color: Yellow and orange

If  clients request other specifications, we’ll provide custom built service.  Such as surface color, VFD panel, electrical system, etc.  But the only thing is the lead time may request 3-7 days,because the shipping will connect with the weather.  As a result,the smog is a little heavey in China these days.

Aipu stocked decanter centrifuge features

So it is indispensible to clarify the advantage of the decanter centrifuge.

High treating capacity
Stable performance
Duplex S.S2205, and S.S316Lis optional for higher quality
Genuine SKF bearing for longer and reliable operation
Easy operation with less maintenance
Anti-abrasive & anti-corrosive with Tungsten carbide applied
Pressurized EX Proof VFD control cabinet
Cost-efficient solution for all users
Special design will be employed according to users’ preference

Why centrifuge is for sale? Any warranty?

As a result of our  regular customer’s  project postpone , we have this opportunity to have these in stock.

1. We take this opportunity to appreciate clients’ lasting support
2. Previous client paid deposit
3. We promised 24 month against delivery or 18 month against commissioning whichever comes first

4. If any quality problem we will  refunded with shipping them back, and we are famouse for the responsible job after sale.

Last but not least, please contact Aipu right now if you have demand.   Hot product with top cost-efficiency.

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