Decompose Aipu MG Series Shaker

Decompose shale shaker

Shaker basket, Vibrator motors,  Screen wedge & bar, Shaker screen, Deck spring, leveling jack,  gumble tray, possum belly, control panel are mainly composed mud shale shaker. (see picture 1.)

Decompose shale shaker
Picture 1. Decompose shale shaker

Shaker Busket

The  Shaker  Base  Assembly  (“basket”)  is  the  support  structure  for  the  shaker   bed.   The   screens,   vibrator   motors   are   attached   to the   shaker   bed.     Aipu’s MG series shale shaker  basket  is  constructed  of  Q235  plate   steel   that  has   been   seal   welded.   This   ensures   maximum   durability   in   any   industrial   setting.      As  an alternative,  Using   304  Stainless  Steel is available for Aipu. All  carbon  steel  baskets are  coated  with  a  high-­‐quality   industrial  coating  that  requires  annual  upkeep  to  ensure  that  corrosion  does   not   attack   the   weldments   or   base   metal.       It   is   imperative   that   the   base   metal  and  coating  be  inspected  on  an  annual basis.

shale shaker busket
shaker busket


Vibrator Motors

A  variety of vibrator motors   are available depending on the operating conditions and the required G-­force. Vibrator Motors which applies the vibratory force and motion type to the shaker bed. A vibrator is a specialized motor built for the purpose of vibrating, While containing an electric motor to provide the rotary motion it uses a set of eccentric weights to provide an omnidirectional force. To produce the proper Linear motion a second, counter rotating, vibrator is added in parallel to the first. This is what gives us the linear motion, “high G” shaking of the basket. The Vibrator Motors are designed with a set of counter weights on each side. A variety of vibrator motors are available depending on the operating conditions and the required G-­force.

vibrator motor on shale shaker

Screen Wedge & Bar

As a standard, all use pre-tensioned screens with a wedge/bar fastening system for ease of installation.

More picture about screen wedge & bar see there:

Shaker Screen

Shaker screens that help you reduce costs and waste volumes.

More about shaker screen:





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