The Different Between Desander Cone And Desilter Cone

desilter twin-cone

Desander and desilter are devices for eliminated solids in solids removal system.  Hydrocyclone (cone or cyclone for short) is core part in both. Desander, desilter and shale shaker are composed by one unit, named mud cleaner, depend on client’s demand.

The material of hydrocyclone is polyurethane today, because it’s more wear resistance and less weight than steel. you can read this article to know more hydrocyclone, like its principle or something.

Core Desander cones
De-sander hydrocyclones

Desander and desilter (or mud cleaner) usually used in manage water-based drilling mud.

Now let’s talk about the differ of desander cone and desilter cone.

Cone size, is the biggest difference between de-sander and de-silter. Desander cones are usually available  8 – 12 inche (normal 10 inch) to remove drilling solid particles upto 60 microns with 4 inch inlet and 6 inch outlet; desilter cones are 4-6 inche ( normal 4 inch) to remove solids particle (fine sands and silt) down to 20 micron with 2 inch inlet and 2 inch outlet.

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4 inche hydrocylone
4 inche hydrocylone for mud cleaner

Flow Rates Through Hydrocyclones

Designation Cone Diameter (in.) Flow Rate Through Each Cone (gpm)
mini cyclone 2 10~30
Desilter 4 50~65
Desilter 5 75~85
Desilter 6 100~120
Desander 8 200~240
Desander 10 400~500
Desander 12 500~600
10 inche desander cone
10 inche desander cone

Our (Aipu solid control) desander and desilter features

  • Polyurethane constructed hydrocyclones for long life- abrasion resistance.
  • Removable hydrocyclone assembly so that vibratory screening unit can be used by itself .
  • Patented adjustable screen deck angle (while operating).
  • Patented rubber wedge sealing for mud cleaner screen deck and screen.
  • Shaker bottom deck made from Stainless Steel for long service life.
  • Heat treatment on complete shaker deck for High G force operation.
  • Pre-tensioned Shaker screens for fast screen replacement.
  • Top Brand Vibration Motors: IEC EX, ATEX and UL Certified.
desilter cone parts
desilter cone parts
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