Drilling Mud Gas Separator(MGS) with Choke Manifold to Italian Drilling Contractor

Being a professional manufacturer for solids control equipment, AIPU has been praised by more and more world famous drilling contractors, including onshore and offshore platforms.

Back from the holiday of China National Day, two sets of mud gas separators with choke manifolds have been finished and delivered to an Italian drilling contractor. This design allows the drillers to have a small skid for more equipment, and also it saves space for moving from one oil well to the other. While moving, the drilling mud gas separator can lay down to the skid.

About mud gas separator information

For safety considerations, the mud gas separator is seen as indispensable equipment on oil gas drilling sites, especially for deep drilling rigs.

The mud gas separator is always installed beside the mud system. The inlet pipe is connected to the chock manifold, and the outlet is connected to the first phase solids control equipment, shale shaker, or shaker tank. The gas vent line normally will be led out to a remote area for burning by the flare ignitors.

In normal conditions, the drilling mud coming out of the well will flow directly to the shale shaker unit for cuttings removal. In case the gas layer was intruded on by drilling tools, a blowout might happen. This is the time the poor boy degasser will be applied to relieve the high pressure of the gas- invade drilling fluids and separate the gas that might be flammable or hazardous.

AIPU mud gas separator(MGS) is manufactured according to the API and ISO standards. To provide qualified products to clients, AIPU Solids control is committed to technical improving and quality controlling.

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