Drilling Mud Tank Agitator

Mud agitator also called mud tank agitator is located on a mud tank to suspend solids and maintain homogeneous mixture throughout the system. Usually, we suggest one set agitator per 3 meters of the mud tank. Except for the shaker tank, almost every compartment requests agitator.

Both horizontal and vertical drive configurations are available at AIPU Solids Control for all sizes of mud tank agitators. The vertical drive agitator employs a cylindrical helical gear, and the horizontal drive utilizes a spiral bevel gear to drive the agitator shaft. Both types of mud tank agitator can be fitted with single or double vertical or inclined impellers.

Drilling Mud Tank Agitator

The tank or compartment dimension, shape, as well as the compartment duty, will impact mud agitator sizing. Including the motor, gearbox, impeller, and shaft.

Mud tank agitator price

According to the different motor, gearbox, shaft and impeller materials, the price will differ much from each other.

Most customer will pay more attention to price but not detail quality. Such as gearbox type, motor brand or quality level. Even they don’t know the difference between agitator with and without stabilizer. We supplied over 500 sets of agitator annually. No complaint at all.

From surface, material, to the performance and quality. Why clients selected Aipu solids control? And place repeat orders? Do you think it is because of the price? No, our price is not low but reasonable. They have found our cost-efficiency and appreciate our competitive solution.

Mud agitator

How to select a mud tank agitator

In order to the mud agitator perform effectively, a suitable type is vitally important.

1. We need to confirm tank design round or square, and tank dimension. AIPU recommends straight impeller blades for tanks under 1500mm deep and canted blades for deeper tanks.

2. Select desired style horizontal or vertical. The horizontal drive is designed for installations having limited space above the mud tank.

3. Electric power 230/460V/60Hz 3 phase or 190/380V/50Hz 3 phase or customized.

4. Selection of horsepower and impellers determined by tank size, maximum mud weight, and desired turnover ratio.        

Please come to AIPU for more detail on mud agitators.

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