Drilling shale shaker

drilling shale shaker with hydrocyclone
drilling shale shaker with hydrocyclone (mud cleaner)

Drilling shale shakers manufacture is Shaanxi Aipu machinery manufacture Co.,ltd,. we have our own designer and professional engineers, So we  can offer the different capacity drilling shale shaker, We can also design drilling shale shaker by customize. The triple drilling shale shaker and double drilling shale shaker already developed and used in oil field.

Drilling shale shaker on solids control

Drilling shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in drilling fluids processing system .It plays a important role  of solid control system ,Also as a key of solids control equipment in drilling mud system.Drilling shale shaker decides performance of the whole solids control system. Especially  used in digging ore, oil, coal and other resource area.

As a necessary equipment of digging ,drilling shale shaker help human to work Conveniently and quickly.

balanced elliptical motion shale shaker

 Drilling shale shaker meaningful

Drilling shale shaker meaningful is  recovering  the liquid phase, Separate different size solid phase.Another meaningful is improving solids removal and fluid recovery at high feed rates,The same time reduce the proportion of fine particles in drilling fluid, Maintain reasonable and grading of solid phased particles.

Removing all kinds of harmful solid phase stability and  effectively ,improving the performance of the drilling fluid.

Advantage about drilling shale shaker

  • One kind of drilling shale shaker track is linear type,It has a simple structure ,The advantage is short producing time .
  • Composite material screen available for longer service life.
  • Flexible shale screen is another structure of drilling shale shaker .
  • Drilling shale shaker another advantage is a longer screen life and minimal downtime to add up to significant savings.
  • The drilling shale shaker used international brand of Motor.
  • Drilling shale shaker is one of the product for digging.We hope to give you a better industrial .

We are here waiting customs from all the world,Look forward to cooperating with you to show our process.


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