Drilling Shear Pump

Drilling shear pump

The shear pump is used for effectively cutting the polymer added into drilling fluid, speed up dilution and hydration of polymers to greatly reduce the time of drilling mud preparation.

Drilling shearing pump applies axial suction structure, consisting of a motor, pump seat, pump shell, impeller, shearing impeller, and other components. Vee belt and mechanical compound seal guarantee no leakage. There is a stainless turbine inside(which composes entrance bucket, main impeller, nozzle,catch compartment)and a shearing plate.

Shear Pump can mix effectively and hydrate completely the material added in the drilling fluid, save the mud material, reduce the time of configuration, and provide the performance mud for the shear drilling. Shear Pump is efficient equipment which provides the fast configuration and treatment mud for the user, the user satisfy with configuration high -performance mud.

Shearing pump can mix high property drilling mud very soon. Decrease the mixing time by much and enhance the drilling efficiency with structure cost control. guarantee pump can help much on eliminate “fish eye” phenomenon. It will help much on , drilling mud demand for whole a drilling.

drilling shearing pump
drilling shearing pump


  • No modifications to existing piping required;
  • FAG, SKF or other top brand bearing;
  • Reduce drill cuttings by 50 microns;
  • Economical and compact method of shearing polymers;
  • Versatile stuffing box;
  • Thick, strong concentric casing with replaceable casing wear pads;
  • Casing gasket receded for protection;
  • Replaceable stuffing box cover with dual stuff box bolts;
  • Replaceable shaft sleeve prevents shaft wear;
  • Machinery seals for maximum bearing protection come standard;
  • Standard options : IECEX, ATEX, UL, DGMS, CE, Gost.

All shearing pump of Aipu are adopted high quality mechanical seal with high durability. There won’t be any leakage. When drilling fluid flow pass shearing pump there will be second cutting on the 50% fluid in the swirl collection room. Sometimes, clients will request shearing mixing pump combined with shearing pump and mixing hopper.

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