Drilling Mud Cleaners

Mud cleaner combines a hydrocyclone system (desander cone and desilter cone) with a shale shaker to help remove the fine drilled solids from the drilling fluid. It consists of a two-stage separation process that using a combination of hydrocyclones mounted over a shale shaker to operate as a single unit.

mud cleaner
Figure 9. A mud cleaner

About Desander Cone and Desilter Cone

Desander with 10 inch cones,or 8 inch cones,or 12 inch cones act as the second phase drilling mud cleaning equipment.We have customized number cones desander for clients.Desander cleaning mud usually between 47-76 microns.Desilter with 4 inch cones,or 5 inch cones,act as the third phase mud cleaning equipment.Which clean out particles 15-45 microns.Mud cleaner is a combination of desander & desilter and with underfluids bottom shale shaker,which act as both desander and desilter function.Mud cleaner manimum footprint of the equipments,and has big capacity for mud cleaning and treatment.

desilter twin-cone
desilter twin-cone

Our Desander and Desilter feature

Aipu solids control desilter unit feartures the reliable polyurethane desilter cones with a unique 20º taper angle (compare to the 15º taper angle on most other unit.) The twin-cone design provides a 50% greater capacity than other 4 inche (102mm) cones.

12 desander polyurethane cone
12 desander polyurethane cone

The desander feartures is your choice of two or three 12 in. (304.8mm) diameter replaceable, wear-resistant, polyurethane hydrocyclones and quick-release stainless-steel clamps for simplified changeout.

Mud cleaners can be installed on the single, dual and triple configurations:

  • Desander unit is availble in three- or two-cone.
  • Low profile (approx. 64 in. (1626mm) to top of trough.
  • Desilter unit is available in six, eight or ten twin-cone.
  • Integral bypass between shaker, desilter and desander units.
  • compact, reliable frame.

Function of Mud Cleaner

Cleaner have the capability to process the entire drilling-fluid circulation volume, and remove drilled solids from weighted mud system; retaining expensive barite and liquids, and economically reducing hole problems associated with excessive drilled solids. Drilling fluid passes through a series of hydrocyclones – either desander or desilter units that separate the fine, line particles from the heavy,coarse particles. Barite passing through the screen and returning to the active system.

Removing and drying drilled solids helps meet environmental regulations by minimizing waste generated and reducing disposal costs.


function of mud cleaner
function of mud cleaner
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