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                                                   API Drilling Shale shaker


API Drilling shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in drilling fluids processing system .

Specializing in API drilling shale shaker for 15 years, Aipu Machinery Manufacture is an industry leader of   drilling  shale shaker and  solid control equipment .  As well as we are proud of working with many leading companies and organisations in our specialist markets. At the same time assist purchasing departments of all sizes and in some cases operating as a truly outsourced partner. Drilling shale shaker as the first stage of  drilling fluids solids control equipment in solid control system.Circulating  mud tanks below.Flowing into next grade drilling fluids solids control equipment to be treated.

Drilling shale shaker process

Firstly. The drilling fluids solids control equipment market. Two types of drilling shale shaker and shaker screen available.Utility depends on the nature of the drilling operation. The specific Aipu shale shaker deal with in this work is the Hunter series shale shaker manufactured by Aipu. In addition most advanced drilling fluids solids control equipment  selling in middle of Asia.

At the moment all kinds of screens with different openings depending on the configuration and working conditions. All the screens use ultra-fine high capacity screens to screen sand from drilling fluids under heavy loads.

Secondly. Mud fluid return from the well or cuttings to flow into the shale shaker via the feeder. The feeders  categorize into weir type. The weir  and box type feeders use to buffer the flow rate of drilling fluid .Distribute the fluid onto the screen to reduce the impact of drilling fluid on the screen. Extend the service life of screen and improve the treatment effect.

Thirdly, the weir type feeder can also short-circuit the machine if necessary. The bucket type feeder is mainly used with the dryer shaker to collect and distribute cuttings.

Aipu is a professional of drilling mud and gas separator supplier and manufacturer in China .As the pioneer in this industry, Aipu is capable of providing customers with series products, such as solid control equipment,drilling cuttings management and oil sludge treatment.



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