Dual-deck Shale Shaker

Dual-deck shale shaker, also be called double layer screen shale shaker, is a fitful device on drilling mud management or HDD. It is linked to upper-and-lower two screens deck into one shale shaker. The upper deck is all for scalping, with API40 screens, and the lower deck is with API100 screens. This Aipu’s dual-deck linear motion shale shaker with two 1.5kw vibration motors, and the vibration force can be 7.5. While the screen deck adjustment angle while drilling (AWD) is -1°~+3°.

dual deck shaker profile

Aipu Dual-deck shale shaker benefit and feature

◊ Requires only marginally more power than single-deck shale shaker.
◊ Dual-deck design with full primary and half-width scalping decks.
◊ Progressive and efficient modes of linear motion.
◊ Durable shaker screens.
◊ Modular platform.
◊ Adjustable deck angles.
◊ ≥7G’s operating mode.
◊ Accommodate most Gas & Oil detection equips.
◊ Delivers high processing capacities.
◊ Adjusts to changing drilling condition immediately.
◊ Generates drier cuttings.
◊ Enhances overall solids control effiencies.
◊ Conveys solids quickly out of drilling fluid pool.
◊ Deceases NPT.
◊ Manufacturer with competitive price.
◊ Promote easy deck adjustments.
◊ Removes harmful vapors.
◊ Reduces maintenance.
◊ Reduce drilling, waste disposal costs.
◊ Helps ensure environmental compliance.
◊ Raises HSE profile.

dual deck shale shaker

Parameter’s of dual-deck shale shaker

shale shaker coarse screen


  1. Sarah Carlson
    Sarah Carlson
    August 25, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    I came to your Dual-deck Shale Shaker – Solids Control Shale Shaker page and noticed you

  2. ahmad larki
    ahmad larki
    November 14, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    HI Ms Sarah Carlson
    I am working in Iran drilling service company( IDSC)
    I want to buy 3 dual deck shale shaker with below specification can you help me.
    type: single unit, double deck
    screen type: hook strip with tension bolt
    screen frame size: 122 cm ×152 cm
    screen mesh size: 30 to 120 mesh
    nominal flow capacity: 800 Gpm( 3000lit/min) for non weighted mud
    Electromotor: AC 5 hp , 3 phase
    set up for 230/460volts, 60hz
    starter: 230/460v 60hz( use 13 A fuse)
    Explosion proof: For zone I& II of ul standard
    Dimensions: skids: 205 cm×185 cm ,height: 115 cm
    Weir tank: 80 cm
    Thanks full
    Ahmad larki

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