Efficient Oilfield Shale Shaker


Efficient Oilfield Shale shaker is our most popular products. At the very beginning, it is our great pleasure to introduce Shaanxi Aipu Merchinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd to you. Our goal is to design and manufacture the most reliable and efficient drilling mud processing equipment for our customers. Such as our efficient oilfield shale shaker. Next,we will give you more information.

Oilfield Shale shaker

Aipu Series Efficient Oilfield Shale Shaker.

Firstly,Aipu Series drilling fluid shale shaker was used in the first level of drilling mud purification system, also the whole solid control equipment. We use drilling shale shaker to get rid of the big solids particles in the mud from the wellhead back to the ground surface. Then the customers can reutilize the fluid.Drilling fluid shale shaker plays a great role in maintaining drilling fluid performance.In the meanwhile,it is not only important to the treatment effect and extending service life, but also indispensible and  important for equipment in solids control systems.

Aipu Solids Control – the professional manufacturer

Secondly, Aipu Solids Control is a professional manufacturer for producing drilling mud shale shaker. Our Series Shale Shakers include linear motion and balanced elliptical as per the vibration locus. And different models has different names on the basis of the their capacity and we can also manufacture the products according to our customers’ demands.

Our superiority:

  1. Professional design,fabrication,quality assurance and after sales service.
  2. API certificated solid control equipment manafacturer.
  3. Customer-oriented,quality focused.

In addition,above picture showed the type of drying shale shaker .We want to meet market demand with vibration shaker screen. Aipu is a superior solids control equipment manufacturer in China,and have rich experience to make shale shaker for many drilling fields related industries of oil&gas, HDD, CBM, mineral exploration,etc. Furthermore,we are API certified company.  So please trust,under our professional team, you will get maximum drilling fluid recovered from solid control.

In the end, I would like to let you know more us.Our company is locatde in Xi’an,Shaanxi province,China. As we all know, Xi’an city has more than 2000 years’ history. So if we have the opportunity to cooperate together,we sincerely invite you to visit us. Here we will show you many attractions.

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