Flare Ignition Device in Oilfield Drilling

flare ignitor

The flare ignition device mainly used for igniting the waste gas as we know firstly. The gas is coming from the equipment poor boy degasser which design to release waste gas from drill mud. The gas is flammable which is dangerous on the drill site even all equipments are required to be flameproof. There are 3 main components for a whole flare ignition equipment, ignitor , flare mechanical part and electrical control panel. And the electrical control panel will be movable which will be 30 meters far away the flare. So  a high protection grade junction box installed on flare and 30 meters cable between 2 component for control.

flare ignitor

Flare Ignition Device Specification

1.AIPU model of flare ignition device APFI20/3, AP is the short name of AIPU.
2.Torch diameter on top is 200mm, stainless material, well welding between stainless and carbon steel material.
3.The burner height is 3 meters including torch on top. And back valve installed on bottom of gas inlet to avoid gas flow back for safety purpose.
4.A control panel that move by hand, a junction box installed on flare ignition device with high standard of explosion proof and protection standard.
5.Color of the ignitor can customized. The standard – red for a warning color.

flare ignitor
The flare ignition device will connect with the gas vent line of poor boy degasser, the poor boy degasser is connect with the shale shaker to discharge drilling mud for further solids control treatment. So please check and confirm if you need pipe line from poor boy degasser to flare ignition device cause all quotations of flares are not including extra pipeline cost and arrangement. So please contact AIPU Solids Control for further more information.

Flare ignition device as one of the main equipment from solids control equipment manufacture, and some details customized depending on client. So please contact AIPU Solids Control freely for any inquiry.

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