Drilling Fluid Cleaner in Sludge Treatment

fluid cleaner

Drilling fluid cleaner – a combination of desander, desilter and mounted shale shaker. In other word, it regards as a small mud system. With a fine mesh screen, drilling mud flow into inlet of hydrocyclone to separate particles. Then particles larger than barite will be discarded and thrown away.

As one of the solid control equipment, desander with a set of cyclone  to separate drilling sand from drilling rigs. Installed on the top of mud tank , following the shale shaker and vacuum degasser. It can remove the abrasive solids around 45~74 micron.

In addition drilling fluid cleaner as a primary sludge treatment equipment. Using the  desanding cyclone and desilting cyclone with underflow vibrating screen. The role of the mud cleaner is to deal with mud drilling cuttings as well as  guarantee the efficiency of following treatment and improve the service life of solid control system.

fluid cleaner
fluid cleaner

The characteristics of fluid cleaner

The characteristics of mud cleaner including cyclone group with circular array, overflow pipe as well as larger feeding tube, smaller cone angle. The fixed mortar and center shaft can tilt the metal tank to control the flow of slurry. Hydrocyclone together with rectangular vibrating screen is still under circulation.

 The advantages of fluid cleaner

The advantages of mud cleaner includes high efficiency, high precision, low noise, easy installation, simple maintenance, long service life, etc. The efficiencyof drilling cuttings separation improved, and also with simple structure, low cost, move move, easy install and use. Widely used in petroleum drilling, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, refractory, cement, ceramics, food, food, etc.

Mud cleaner  is the second and third phase solids control equipment after shale shake,it can effectively process all drilling fluids and recover barite. To meet different client’s request,we can adjust desander cones and desilter cones number to change treating capacity of mud cleaner.

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