HDD Mud Recycling System

mud recycling system

HDD Mud recycling system as important device in HDD. And users concern what Aipu can supply, and why they can select Aipu.

Flows in HDD mud recycling system

The mud is clean,  mixed by bentonite and some chemical mixtures, then stored by a tank. Ready to go to the hdd system. Then  pumped to the pipe and to boring the hole. Later it was bring back to a storage tank with all the HDD mud recycling system cuttings rocks and sands.

The mud recycling needed now, the drilling mud with sands and drilling cuttings pumped to the system. Then the cleaned mud return to the pipe.

The mud recycling is usually including shale shaker, mud cleaner, or desander and desilter instead. Sometimes decanter centrifuge also needed. The drilling mud flow through the shale shaker, desander cones, desilter cones, then the decanting centrifuge.

mud recycling system

All units within the range use two processes when cleaning mud to ensure the drilling fluid recycled and used to the efficiency of the first time pumped down the hole. The first process is with the use of a shaker screen. When the mud drawn from the hole , first discharged onto a fine mesh, which constantly moves from side to side spreading the mixture across it. This allow the drilling fluid to fall through whilst larger items such as rocks and cutting remain on the mesh until they are shaken off its bottom edge and removed from the system.

The second process starts as the drilling fluid falls from the first mesh into the reserve tank. The specially designed sloped tank causes a swell in the water, causing some sediment to drop and get caught in the sand traps, whilst the remaining fluid cascades over the dividing wall from where it  pumped into the desander cones. Under correct pressure and flow the cones remove as much sand as possible before discharging the sand onto a much finer shaker screen, where again anything larger then the fluid itself stays in the screen and removed from the mud system, whilst the drilling fluid falls through this and the original screen back into the reservoir tank.

 Aipu supply for HDD

Aipu Solids Control is a professional manufacturer of mud recycling /solids control for hdd no dig equipment. Whole mud system and proposal will be provided including complete pipelines, pumps, configuration and general structure, and so on. People select Aipu for our professional design, reliable quality, cost-efficient price and best lead time.

Please feel free to contact us with any interest or question.

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