Helical Bevel Geared Drilling Mud Agitator 7.5Kw Is Under Manufacturing

A batch of helical bevel geared drilling mud agitators 7.5Kw were under manufacturing this month. The agitator is for one regular customer, a professional geothermal drilling contractor. They ordered the ZJ20 solids control system from us in the year 2018.

Brief introduction of helical bevel geared mud agitator

Mud agitator is made of a 7.5Kw motor, gearbox, shaft, impeller, and base. Power motor including non-explosion-proof and explosion-proof two types. For geothermal drilling clients, they prefer a non-explosion-proof one. The explosion-proof motor is widely used in oil and gas drilling. Gearbox we have the helical bevel geared and helical worm geared for option. The helical bevel geared mud agitator is proposed nowadays. It is more powerful, durable, and stable. And they are energy-saving designs.

Mud agitator impeller

The agitator can be designed with a single impeller or dual impeller. This depends on the mud tank depth. For example, when the tank depth higher than 1800mm, for a 7.5Kw agitator, we calculated a dual impeller 750mm and 650mm under a special formula will be proper. The impeller can be selected by carbon steel or high quality stainless steel.

Mug agitator shaft

The auxiliary part to achieve the mixture is shaft and impeller.  How to decide shaft length? The shaft bottom should be about 360mm away from the tank floor. For example, the tank height is about 2100mm. Then shaft total length starts from gearbox is 1740mm or 1800mm will be ok.

Drilling mud agitators widely used in various applications. Reserve mud tank, solids removal use, addition use, suction tank, pill tank, and so on. Please come to Aipu solids control to find more detail. Not only on drilling mud agitator, but also other solids control equipment. High quality product at a reasonable price always.

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