dual deck shale shaker
dual deck shale shaker

High quality shale shaker is our special products.Shaanxi Aipu Merchinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd  specializes in manufacturing high quality shale shakers and other solid control equipments. As we all know,Shale shakers are important parts of  solid control equipment. And it can be used to many industries, such as coal cleaning, mining, oil and gas drilling. They are the first step of a solids control system. And it’s used to remove large cuttings from the drilling fluid.On the one hand, the drilling mud can be used longer.On the other hand,it can reduce the costs for customers.

Drilling fluids are neccessary to the drilling process.

It makes the drill bit smooth and cool as well as transfer  the drilled cuttings away from the bore-hole. These mud is a mixture of various chemicals and also very expensive to the users. For environmental and costs reasons ,our company  gives you varies solid control machines to make full use of drilling mud .

 shale shaker screen
hook strip shaker screen

The use of high quality shale shaker.

The use of shale shakers is mainly for recycling drilling fluids. After returning from  the well,the used drilling mud flows directly to the shale shakers.  Once processed by the shale shakers,  the drilling fluid flow into the mud tanks, and other solid control equipments begin to continue cleaning.  After that,the mud will flow out of a separate holding tank ,and they wait for further treatment,such as desander,desilter etc.

Shale shakers is the most important device in the solid control system which directly relates to the cleanliness and effiency of treating drilling fluid.

Shaanxi Aipu Merchinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd has more than 5 years history in solid control industry,and we have our own designers,factory  and professional workers.During these years,we got very good feedback from both domestic and abroad.Our mission is producing high quality products for our customers.Shaanxi Aipu Merchinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd is a good choice for you.We especially focus  on products quality and customer orentation.Look forwrad to cooperating with you.

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