High Treating Capacity APLCQ300 Drilling Mud Centrifugal Degasser

What’s a centrifugal degasser?

A drilling mud centrifugal degasser for use in degassing gas-cut drilling mud. In the case of oil field drilling mud, the mud often comes in contact with gases in the well which become dissolved due to the high operating pressures involved. If the gases are allowed to remain in the used mud, upon recycling there is accelerated infusion of gas leading to blowout conditions. Normally drilling mud centrifugal degasser is installed after shale shaker as 2nd purification equipment to process drilling fluids while drilling, and widely used in the various solids control system.

APLCQ300 centrifugal degasser

 AIPU centrifugal degasser features

AIPU degasser advantages are large capacity, high rate of degassing, less area required, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance. 

it’s submerged pump impeller relying on impact and turbulence to enable the separation of gas from the fluid. Satisfies the explosion proof electrical requirements for the equipment voltages 460V/3phase at 60Hz or 380V/3phase at 50Hz. 

Centrifugal degasser parameter

Liquid Inlet Size20″
Liquid Outlet Size6″
Gas Outlet Size2″
Max Liquid Throughput300m3/h
Max Gas Removed30m3/h
Main Motor22Kw
Fan Motor1.1Kw
Surface paintCustomer-built

More details of centrifugal degasser

APLCQ300 degasser units use a centrifugal- force system rather than conventional vacuum or impact systems. The degasser comprises a casing having an inlet port for receiving a gas-cut drilling mud and an outlet port for discharging degassed drilling mud; a rotatable shaft disposed longitudinally within the casing; a plurality of accelerating paddles disposed along the longitudinal axis of the rotatable shaft and attached thereto for moving drilling mud in a rotary motion to create a centrifugal force field and thereby create a vortex within such drilling mud such that drilling mud will move axially towards the outlet port.

Such that the heavier liquid/solid phase of the mud will be directed toward the inside wall of the casing, and such that gas dispersed within the mud will escape from the mud inwardly towards the shaft to discharge from the casing; and means operably associated with the rotatable shaft for driving the rotatable shaft.

Centrifugal Degasser Installation

The degasser must be installed vertically because the impeller rotates in the lower half. The lower part of the deaerator must be installed in the tank. There must be no sand or solids around the filter so that the gas-mixed mud can enter the centrifugal degasser.

The pulp chamber has a mounting flange for mounting onto the tank. The centrifugal degasser weighs about 1400kg, so please pay attention to the strong installation on the tank, support the degasser. It is advisable to weld 2 I-beams to the mount.

The size of the I-beam depends on the tank size. If an 8-foot tank, then an 8×18 I-beam or equivalent is required. At least 2 sets of 3/4″ bolts and nuts on each side, a total of 4 sets have to be used to fix the degasser mounting base to the tank.        

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