How to en-long shale shaker screen life

The shale shaker screen is used in onshore and offshore drilling to filter the impurity. Shale shaker screen as the wearing parts, the user needs to replace it regularly. So shaker screen life is a key issue deciding the quality. Since longer service life definitely gives users more satisfaction and confidence also save more cost.

How to en-long shaker screen life.

Firstly, the quality of screen installation will directly influence its service life. Before installing, it is necessary to check carefully, such as checking the bearings, sealing parts as well as any damage. It is vital to replace the damaged components in time.

Then, the shale shaker screen should be idly operated for 5~10 minutes before stopping operation every time.

Thirdly, shaker screen and its stand should be cleaned by water. Otherwise, the sediment on the shaker screen will block the meshes when dried.

Finaly, shaker screen rubber seal is another issue affecting screens life.

Shale shaker screen repair plugs

Except for above advice, shaker screen plugs is an important tool which can be used to repair broken screen quickly to en-long screen life.

AIPU Solids Control supply rectangle shape, hexagonal shape, the square shape repair plug against different clients’ demand. The repair plug suit for famous brand shale shaker screen. Such as the NOV Brandt Cobra series, the VSM series, and the D380 series shaker screen. Also the Derrick series screen. Mongoose shaker screen and so on.

Shale shaker screen package

A suitable package is another way to en-long screen life. How to pack shaker screens is an important mean to protect screen and prevent any damage during handling or transportation. Presently, almost framed screen of AIPU will be packed as 1 panel per carton. 20-25 panels per pallet or plywood case. Such a package is seaworthy and durable enough.

we aipu take quality to heart and continuously improve products under “customer-oriented” standard. any support needed related to shale shaker screen, just call us freely.

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