How to Test Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is the primary and probably most important device on the rig for removing drilled solids from the mud. AIPU Solids Control can design single deck shale shake, dual-deck shale shaker, as well as dual tandem shale shakers and triplicate shale shakers on a single skid according to clients’ special requirements.

How to Test Shale Shaker

Today we will introduce how to test shale shaker. Please find more details as below.

Shale shaker G force testing 

G force is one important feature to shale shaker provide the capability to run finer screens while producing drier solids from those screens resulting in less fluid clinging to the solids. It is an empirical number useful in comparing different shakers. AIPU test the G force number by a professional G Force machine.

In some special condition such as in the drilling site, there without a machine. Advisable testing procedure as below

1) Paste G Force card one shaker deck while shaker is working.

2) Check all different size of the circle on a card and find the right size which two circles just beside each other closely.

3) Calculate G Force to follow the card way

Shale Shaker Chinese Manufacturer

Shale shaker appearance testing

Other than the G force, our experienced engineer also tests the details of shaker before delivery including:

1. Test the current and installation of a vibrating motor. AIPU utilize Martin and Oli motor to ensure better performance.

2. Test the quality of strip, it must without any cracks, holes, and damage.

3. Test the weld flatness and quality of shaker.

4. Test the spring and jacking system.

There is no doubt that we do the test for each set of shale shakers before ship out, not sample test.

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