The Key of Shale Shaker

shale shaker

 Vibration motor will provide power and lead the shaker to do linear motion, balanced elliptical motion or circle motion move. Shale shaker screen will filter the large solid out of drilling fluid under shaking. The clean drilling mud will be processed again by subsequent equipment with solids less than 75 microns.
Onshore and offshore well oil and gas drilling, CBM, HDD, pilling, waste management, etc. Mainly used as first stage solids control also can be combined with desander or desilter cones. In short, shale shaker is suitable for various drilling mud process.

Issues affecting its performance:Drilling depth, drilling fluid property, ground condition, general drilling conditions, screen selection, etc.
Including base frame, support frame, feeding box, vibration beam, vibration motor, starter, jack screw, shaker screen.

Usually shale shaker will be put on first mud tank. There will be locking block help user confirm distance and position. There will be an opening same size with shaker basket on tank top for clean fluid follow into tank. The mud tank should be put on clean and flat ground decrease ambient effect on shaker performance. During delivery we won’t install screen on shaker to prevent any damage on screen. And the shipping bracket will be locked until operation. Please refer to user manual for correct installation.

Remove shipping bracket before operation. Don’t repair/move shaker/even uninstall vibration motor during its running. Operate and maintain shaker according to instructions.

Maintain vibration motor regularly according to warnings on vibrator, such as feeding lubrication oil Check and inspect shaker screen during shaker running repair or replace screens timely. Every stop requests cleaning on shaker screen for longer service life. Inspect and maintain shaker regularly according to plan will lead best performance of shaker.
Warning: During operation there may be mud loss or screen block we need to adjust the shaker deck angle but not too low or too high. Furthermore, supervise shaker regularly to ensure correct selection on shaker screen at different drilling period.
If the shaker don’t shake as designed tracking there may be problem on vibration motor wires. Such as, one set motor is running or installation direction is wrong. Please turn off power and inspect lines correct the mistake.


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