King Cobra Shale Shaker Troubleshooting

shale shaker cobra

The king cobra shale shaker has 3 panel pretension screens and use linear motion to remove solids from the drilling mud. So it’s permit the king cobra shale shaker to minimize mud losses while enhancing cuttings dryness. Maintenance on the king cobra shale shaker is minimal and only a small inventory of replacement parts is necessary to sustain optimal operation.

shale shaker cobra
shale shaker cobra

Shaker Screen Blinding

If the screen’s openings plug (blind) with sand, there are several methods by which the screen may be unplugged. If the screens are in the unit, rub the screens in a circular motion with a cloth rag or cloth gloves. Or, with the screen removed, you may try blowing out the solids with high-pressure air or water from the bottom.


Remember: Never use a wire or stiff fiber brush on the screens.

Changing to a finer mesh screen may cause the near size sand that is blinding the screens to be removed and discarded. Changing to a larger mesh screen may solve the blinding problem, but increases the amount of solids returned to the active system.

Often it is necessary to experiment with several mesh sizes to minimize blinding while drilling through unconsolidated sand formations. As a general rule, try finer screens first.

Salt-water muds sometimes cause calcium deposits to coat the wires in the screen. As the layer of calcium increases in thickness around the wires, the openings become plugged off. This usually results in flooding. Steam cleaning usually removes the calcium deposits.

Cobra shale Shaker Troubleshooting

SymptomProbable causeSolution
Motors start but shale shaker operation is very loud.Shipping bolt(s) not
Remove the shipping
Motor bearing has failed. Loud squalling noise is
Replace the motor.
Motors do not start
(no sound).
Power supply interrupted.Reconnect the power.
Power cable failure.Repair or replace the cable.
Overload relay has tripped.Wait for automatic reset, then restart.
Motor does not start, but hums for a short period until the overload trips.Motor is wired for the
incorrect voltage.
Make sure the motor is wired for the correct voltage.
Single phasing.Make sure all three phases are at full voltage.
Motors run but trip off.Overload relay has tripped the contactor.Make sure both overload relays are set to the same amperage as listed on motor nameplate.
Incorrect motor rotation.Make sure both motors are running and running in opposite directions.
Only one motor running.Power cable failure.Repair or replace the cable.
Motor failure.Replace the motor.

King cobra shale shaker is muanufactured by NOV as Brandt trademark

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