Linear Motion Bottom Shaker Hunter Series Drilling Mud Cleaner

Mud cleaner helps to reduce the loss of drilling fluids and makes solids drier. It will help to control general drilling costs for the oil exploration projects. Hunter series mud cleaner is an integration of Hunter-MG or Hunter-D shale shaker and desander as well as desilter cone. Desander cones can be 10”, while desilter cones are 4”. It’s an optimized combination to help remove particles between 20 and 74 microns. According to the installation location and drilling process requirements, HUNTER series mud cleaner can be designed as mud desander + bottom shaker, mud desilter + bottom shaker, or mud desander + mud desilter + bottom shaker for use.

semi-finished mud cleaner

Desander cone

Hydrocyclone 10” is used to remove solids 40~100 micron. The best separation effect can be achieved by accurately matching the balance, angle, proportion, and materials used. The materials separated by the desander will be directly transported to the desilter, or other fine particle separation equipment, or directly sent to the shale shaker for processing. In order to obtain the best separation effect, the cyclone needs a stable input pressure (feed end) and stable conveying efficiency (GPM). The feed end is usually connected to a gravity feeding system or a centrifugal pump. Each 10″ cyclone has a processing capacity of 500 GPM at a head of 75 inches. In order to achieve greater throughput, three cyclones can be combined together through conventional inlet and outlet manifolds at the same time.

Working principle of desander cyclone

Under the action of pressure, the slurry enters the shell along the tangent direction of the cylinder through the feeding pipe, and makes a rotary movement in the shell. The coarse particles (or particles with high density) in the slurry enter the periphery of the rotary flow due to the greater centrifugal force, and flow downward with the slurry flow, and finally discharge from the bottom grit nozzle to become grit; the fine particles are in the center of the rotary flow and follow the liquid flow due to the smaller centrifugal force It moves on the skull and is finally discharged by the overflow pipe to become overflow.

desander cone 10″

Desilter cone

Hydrocyclone 4” is used to remove solids 15~40 micron. Hydrocyclone cone size and quantity can be customized depending on drilling conditions and mud flow requirements. As usual, the desilter hydrocyclone be clamped connection and stainless ball valve for easy control. So it used to provide efficient and reliable separation of solids from drilling mud in oil and gas drilling job site.

Working principle of desilter cyclone

The desilter hydrocyclone separate solids by a suitable pressure offered by a set of centrifugal pump by feeding drilling mud. And the mud forced into a spiral motion into the cyclone’s internal profile. Also the internal hydrocyclone shape make the spinning of mud in a high centrifugal force and heavy solids particles will be drop beside cyclone wall to bottom nozzle for discharge and ligher fluids will be push up and over flow. The desilter hydrocyclone normally need 0.25-0.4 Mpa pressure to help cyclone working properly. The diameter of the cyclone controls the cut point and particle size that separated out. On the other hand, the larger the cyclone diameter, the larger particle diameter separated.

desilter cone 4″

Bottom shale shaker

Drilling mud processed by desander cone and desilter, then it transferred to bottom shaker for further treatment. The mud will be drier after treated by a shaker. Bottom shaker there are hunter-MG and Hunter-D types. For hunter-MG, the shaker screen is composite frame wedge block type; For Hunter-D, the screen is stainless steel hook strip type. The screening area of both types higher than two square meters. Motor we use top brand like Martin, ital-vibras for stable performance.

Hunter series mud cleaner are very compact to save space. It’s easy to install and operate.Within warranty period any quality or failures happened under legal operation we’ll repair or send parts for free.

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