Linear motion shale shaker is the primary processing equipment of solids control system. It is employed to separating the large drilling cuttings from drilling fluid. Shale shaker plays a major role in protecting drilling fluid performance.

linear motion shale shaker

Linear Motion Shale Shaker Parameter

Model Hunter-MG3 Hunter-MG4 Hunter-D3 Hunter-D4 Hunter Mini
Max Capacity 110m³/h 140m³/h 120m³/h 150m³/h 60m³/h
Screen Area 2.04㎡ 2.73㎡ 2.27㎡ 3.02㎡ 1.35㎡
Screen Panel 3 4 3 4 2
Max G Force 7.0G 7.0G / 8.0G 7.0G 7.0G / 8.0G 6.5G
Deck Angle -1 – +5° -1 – +5° -1 – +5° -1 – +5° +2°
Dimension(mm) 2455×1670×1376 3040×1670×1376 2755×1650×1500 3455×1650×1500 2455×1670×1376
Weight 1560Kg 1785Kg 1650Kg 1880Kg 980Kg


AiPu Linear Motion Shale Shaker Benefits

⊕Adopt Iyaly OLI brand motors or Martin brand motors which have the advantages of high strength vibration, large screening area, adjustable screen box angle, little noise and high efficiency.

⊕Heat treatment of the complete shaker decker. Surface painting with heavy anticorrosion to extend the service life of shale shaker

⊕Use the full adhesive hookstrip rigidity screen or steel frame screen, the fixed tensioning plate can make to replace shaker screen more convenient and easy and also can replaced into many kinds of shaker screens

⊕Reasonable designing the cofferdam height of shale shaker logging tank can make mud buffer is uniformity flow, reduce direct impact on screen and effective extend the screen service life.

linear motion mg3 shale shaker

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