Mini Shale Shaker








Aipu solids control developed a new product- mini shale shaker, model Hunter M -310. It can meet the requirement for the clients who do not need so large treating capacity, but want to find an economical way to separate big solids from the drilling fluids.

Hunter M - 310 shale shaker with unit treating capacity 310 gpm, 2 panel coarse stainless steel shaker screens with total screen area 1.35m2, G-force 6.5G adjustable, total power of this shaker is 2 sets of 1.2KW motor, and total weight 900 kgs. Based on these parameters. It's a mini shale shaker.

This linear motion shale shaker Hunter M - 310 can be widely used in HDD, water well drilling, shadow drilling and other drillings which need small treating capacity. After the new mini shaker is developed, there are many customers showed their interests. Before they have to use bigger shaker 3-panel Hunter-MG3 or even 4-panel Hunter-D3. These shakers can treat the drilling mud better because of their huge treating capacity, but it is a waste of money.