Mud Agitator in Drilling Mud System

mud agitator

In whole drilling mud system, mud agitator is one of the assistant equipment . Operating agitator will keep the solid content suspension and maintain drilling fluid property. Almost every tank request agitator, but not shaker tank. And mud agitator including horizontal type and vertical type. Also difference between them is the foot print, or the overall height.  Besides,  in well drilling solids control system, we may use worm and wheel reducer box or the helical bevel gear box. So difference between them is the torque value and durability.

mud agitator

Mud Agitator Main Configuration

Firstly,the mud agitator mainly including one set of electrical motor, one set gear box, one set coupler and shaft with impeller. And the electrical motor can be different options on motor brand and specification like IECEX certified or ATEX or UL or DGMS certified or non-explosion proof and so on. At the same time,the shaft length is depending on tank depth, the standard length will be bellow 2.4 meters. Impeller can be single layer if tank not that deep or double layers if tank height exceed 1.8 meters normally. And the impeller diameter can be 600mm to 1100mm depending on tank size. If AIPU build a whole solids control system, normally mud agitator will set each 3 to 4 meters on tank length.

mud agitator

Why Choose AIPU Mud Agitator

1.Electrical motors and gear box sourced from China top manufacturer to keep sure electrical motor and gear box work steadily on jobsite.
2.Shaft length and impeller diameter can be customized to keep sure equipment meet client request and jobsite working application.
3.Good after sales service in over sea countries with stock spare part available.
4.Long time quality assurance for equipment.
5.Short building time for delivery to allow client have more time on decision and payment prepare.
6.Top brand of bearing and electrical component.

According to different motor, gear box, shaft and impeller materials, the price will also differ much from each other. So please come to Aipu for more detail on mud agitators

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