Mud agitator for geothermal drilling

Mud agitator is one type of solids control equipment. It is mainly used for the drilling fluid mixing to prevent the solid phase particles from depositing in the tank in the whole circulation system, so that the performance of the circulating drilling fluid is stable and uniform. AIPU solids control exported hundreds of mud agitators to drilling contractors, oilfield service company and end users. Including helical worm reducer agitators and helical bevel geared agitators.

Helical worm reducer agitators

Helical worm agitator is earlier used and repeat ordered by regular customers as good performance and competitive cost. The agitator is mainly composed of an explosion-proof motor, reducer, base, mixing shaft, and impeller. There are two types of connections between motor and reducer. Two items can be connected directly or by coupling. Both connections between base-mixing shaft and shaft-impeller are bolts. For any parts that were damaged, it’s easy to replace and re-purchase from AIPU. And we have enough stock for immediate delivery. One of my geothermal drilling clients order a mud agitator 2 years ago, they just need a motor and reducer. Or some other customers, they just need an impeller. It’s available. These parts 100% match the original.

Helical worm reducer agitators

Helical bevel geared agitators

 the helical bevel geared agitator is more powerful, durable, and stable compared to helical worm agitator. And it’s energy-saving design. For example, if we selected agitator driven by helical worm reducer with X torque requests 11kw power then we may can use helical bevel reducer driven by 7.5kw motor with same torque. structure is similar with worm agitators, just the reducer is bevel geared type. The agitator can be designed with base or not based on drilling condition.

How to select a suitable agitator?

The mud agitator is installed on the surface of the tank, and it is usually required to install one set every 3 meters, or one set per every tank compartment. The agitator model is determined according to the mud tank capacity. Commonly used models are APMA7.5, APMA11, APMA15. Also APMA5.5, APMA22.

Some customers prefer the helical worm geared as cost consideration. While some prefer the helical bevel geared as preference.

Helical bevel geared agitators

Besides clients’ preference, the working condition is another factor impacting agitators selection. Please tell us your requirement or working condition. The optimal agitators will be configured for you accordingly very soon. 

Why clients select AIPU?

Most of our customers are a regular customers. they repeat order mud agitators and other solids control equipment from AIPU. Compared AIPU with many other suppliers on raw material, on the design, on the technical support and so on, they finally selected us.

Many new clients select us also because of our professional solution and timely response. We treat every client and every inquiry seriously. We are more eager than customers to get optimal solutions at best cost. We concern what clients concern. Because we know, quality is everything and credit is our foundation

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